Absolute truth

Dressed in my traditional white blouse, I enter this room that I know by heart and take a stand. As always, I feel chills invade my whole being and then I go into a trance. My closed eyes twitch and my mind swirls:
Blurry images appear like a veil and are more and more present. They pass and accelerate in a deluge of hissing tones until a higher pitched sound reaches its climax, sounding like a thunderclap and ending this mental disorder.
" That's it, I'm there ! I tell myself. I become that man. "
I am in the middle of a large hangar and I see a bright light shining on a person tied up, sitting on a chair. She talks to me, tries to justify an act she has committed but I feel that her words repugnate me. She betrayed me ! She threw me out and I suffered the consequences. Even though we started dealing together, it was an unforgivable act to me. So I gather my strength and let go of any empathy. In a cry of rage, despite his pleas, I look him straight in the eye and shoot him in the head with my pistol.
In this deafening crash, the sequences blur in my mind. Whispers suddenly rise and echo in my head. The voices accelerate and a large series of images scroll; a meadow, a country house, me surrounded by splendid girls, drugs, wads of banknotes, then several people in costume and balaclava who invest this room, and spurts of blood … Then these visions dissipate and give way to a black screen.
I then open my eyes and realize that my face is sweaty, as if after an intense effort. My hands are resting on a shaved head. It belongs to a sleeping man, lying on a medical bed, right in front of me. Then he wakes up and in his turn comes to his senses in front of four figures that sit around us.
"Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, the session is over," I said, breathless. You can now deliver your verdict. "

My work done, I leave this criminal behind me and leave the place. I creep through the halls of this building and as I pass the front door, I automatically look at this golden sign: NEUROPSYCHIC COURT. This is my den, my playground. I am what we call a neuropsychiatrist. In other words, a spirit traveler. A man capable of finding the most distant thoughts. After the arrests, I intervene first. Thus, I detect the absolute truth.

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