Absolutely everything fits in there!: Trend bags for more oomph in everyday life

Everything fits in there!
Trend bags for more oomph in everyday life

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It is always with you: the handbag. Sometimes littered, sometimes carefully cared for, sometimes way too small, sometimes just to look pretty. Unfortunately, many of us only reach for the practical cloth bag in everyday life. Stop it! There are such cool bags that also work in everyday life.

We are showered with stylish IT bags from the big fashion labels. They all look great, but are often impractical and what can we actually do with small bags in everyday life? The secret: good preparation and planning when we use which bag. Here come trend bags that fit into everyday life and even give it extra punch.

1. Big, bigger, we love

Laptop, spare shoes, cosmetics bag and lots of snacks: If we carry around half of our household with us on a daily basis, we need a big bag, that’s clear. From now on, please, in style! So, away with the jute bag, bring on the XXL shopper. It looks high-quality and as if we had put a lot of thought into choosing and adapting it to the outfit. Shoppers made of leather are of course robust and timeless, but for more riot in everyday life you can also have a more unusual model in a bright color or with a pattern. With the bag in tow, you can even make a spontaneous trip to the supermarket.

2. We hit the sack

A size smaller, but no less practical. The good piece is called a hobo bag and is crumpled and baggy. A shoulder bag that goes with every look, but never looks boring thanks to its shape. If we need a lot of space, it’s big enough and if not, it just collapses and still looks really good. Just throw everything in and off you go.

3. Did someone howl at the moon?

When we have finally cleaned up our bags, there is not much left of the contents. What a perfect time to grab a small but very fine model. Halfmoon bags have been worn up and down the catwalks and are already the trend bags for 2023. We love going with this trend, because if it doesn’t manage to give a look more punch, then we don’t know what to do!

The bag is exactly what its name suggests. The shape is reminiscent of a crescent and makes it an eye-catcher. Nevertheless, the trend bag is available in a wide variety of designs. Large, small, ruffled, plain or patterned. A simple outfit and then the bag – what could possibly go wrong?

4. When it’s important

Sometimes we should just leave unnecessary things at home and only take what is important. So: smaller bag, but suitable for the occasion. And now that we’re going to the office more, it can be a chic bag with office vibes. It is not only suitable for customer appointments or meetings, it is also a welcome guest in the bar for after-work drinks. The boxy models with clear lines look the coolest with casual outfits, or go all out and combine them with a chic office look.

5. Small but mighty!

What comes to your mind when you think of fanny packs? Your tourist and scout image is now a thing of the past because the practical things have been upgraded.

Sure, not much fits in there, but sometimes keys, cell phone and wallet are enough, right? For example, if you only meet for coffee, you really don’t need half the household chores. We are fans of the practical shoulder bag, but only in a beautiful way!


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