Acceptance of war crimes?: Habeck shoots against Schwarzer, Walser and Co.

acceptance of war crimes?
Habeck shoots against Schwarzer, Walser and Co.

In an interview, Federal Minister of Economics Habeck sharply condemned the letter from 28 celebrities to Chancellor Scholz, including the request not to deliver heavy weapons to Ukraine. To him, the letter reads like a place for occupation, rape and execution.

Federal Economics Minister Robert Habeck has criticized the open letter from a group of intellectuals and celebrities to Chancellor Olaf Scholz. “What follows from this line of argument? Actually, it’s just that a bit of land occupation, rape and executions are easy to accept and that Ukraine should capitulate quickly,” the Green politician told the weekly Die Zeit, adding: “I don’t think so correct.”

When the newspaper commented that this was polemical, that wasn’t in the letter, Habeck said: “Yes, maybe that’s exaggerated. But behind the argument is the assumption that with a Russian victory, death and violence would come to an end and then somehow everything would be fine again. But Russia’s actions in the now occupied areas speak a different language.”

The feminist Alice Schwarzer and other celebrities like the writer Martin Walser had in the letter published on Friday appealed to Scholz not to deliver heavy weapons to Ukraine, either directly or indirectly, in order to give Russian President Vladimir Putin no motive for expanding the war to include the NATO countries. They called for efforts to reach a swift ceasefire and a “compromise that both sides can accept.” The letter found tens of thousands of digital supporters, but also met with severe criticism.

Germany will not become a war party “according to law and order”.

When asked if he wasn’t afraid of a third world war, Habeck said: “No, I’m not. We are in a time when you can have a lot of worries. But the fear of the third world war, the Some people are concerned, is also fed by the fear that Germany will become a party to the war. Germany will not do so according to the law. Ukraine was attacked by Russia and has the right to defend itself. A country that exercises the right to self-defense may be supported will.”

Habeck said the federal government had sent several thousand rocket-propelled grenades to Ukraine. “As one of the ministers responsible, I raised my hand. Panzerfausts shoot at tanks. There are soldiers in the tanks. The weapons that I, Robert Habeck, also sent to Ukraine will most likely kill people. The decision was made nevertheless necessary compared to the alternatives.”

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