Accessories: We will wear these classics very differently in 2020


We love classics! Whether the little black dress or the blazer – if we don't know what to look for in fashion or just want to be on the safe side, these basics will save us the day. No wonder that we should add those fashionable evergreens to our wardrobe over time.

While some pieces have hardly changed to this day and only come out really big in their original form (can you imagine a classic trench coat differently?), Others have gone through one or two changes and are still loved very much today, but worn completely different. Especially in the area of ​​accessories, many of our all-time favorites have experienced a real metamorphosis. Would you like evidence?


The silk scarf

The precious silk carriage from Hermès has long been a cult and the closer we get to the elaborately printed cloths, the faster our hearts beat. Our grandmothers already did that. Admittedly, not every one of them increased their collection with the sinfully expensive models of the traditional French house. But they struck all the more often with the colorful alternatives. Generation after generation adorned themselves with the cloths, wrapped them around their necks or threw them loosely over their shoulders. What brought women a touch of Hollywood glamor back then, makes us look pretty old today.

Fashionistas have therefore started to look for alternatives to fine silk scarves – and have found what they are looking for. The carrés now hardly serve as scarves, but rather as a fashionable bag accessory. The towels adorn the handles of our favorite bag and give them a stylish upgrade. But the square towels are also perfect as a hair accessory or chain replacement.

Pearl jewelry

Pearls bring prosperity, love and sometimes tears – according to mythology. They have always been loved and therefore rightly count among the absolute classics in the jewelry segment. The perfectly round and smooth pearls ensure, however, that our look looks more like Granny than It-Girl. (As always, exceptions confirm the rule – just think of the XXL pearl necklaces by Coco Chanel * languishes *!)

Young jewelry labels like Bruna or Anni Lu have given pearls a new look and given them a stylish revival. So we now use asymmetrical baroque or freshwater pearls and combine them to filigree gold jewelry in vintage style. The result: fantastic jewelry looks, which our grandmothers will surely envy.

Round pumps

Pumps with a round cap, round toe neckline and small block heel used to be part of the basic equipment of every woman. Today, however, these models are a difficult number if you don't want to look completely old. Especially when the shoe and heel come in the same color, the old school look is perfect. But do not worry, that does not mean that in 2020 you will have to do without the – admittedly – clean comfortable kicks.

The magic word in this case is: Statement! Thanks to plexiglass, vinyl, rivets or pearls, the old-fashioned shoe becomes an absolute it-piece and eye-catcher of your look. The more noticeable, the better the motto here is clearly! If the "Klimbim" is too much of a good thing, you can also go for models with a trendy V-neck, ie a tapered foot opening.

Small handle bags

It used to be good practice not to leave the house without a mini handle bag. The good piece was simply parked in the crook of the elbow and carried there from A to B all day. The Queen still swears by her small handbag and we don't want to completely reinvent the fashion wheel and instead prefer to give the classic leather a fashionable upgrade.

When it comes to stylish accessories for our favorite everyday companion, the fashion labels are currently overflowing with ideas. Elaborate straps, tiny micro bags as add-ons or decorated handles give the last bit of dust from the classy bag. may not always be practical, but it’s all the more stylish.

Leather belt

Always thread your belt nicely into the belt loops and close the buckle? Can be done, does not have to be. While belts have primarily been a useful means to an end in the past decades, they are now one of the most popular accessories and are the icing on the cake of many a look.

So instead of handling the straps too correctly, we let off steam and simply knot the ends together – the buckle is only a nice appendage with this variant. If you insist on the function of the buckle, at least remember to tie the end of the belt around the strap from behind – this also ensures a casual style.