Accident in Stubenberg – motorcycle driver loses control: crashes into car

Serious accident in Stubenberg, Styria: On Sunday, March 10th, a motorcycle driver collided with a car on the L 409 country road. The motorcycle’s tank ignited and two people were injured.

On Sunday, March 10th, an accident occurred between a motorcyclist and a car driver on the winding country road (L 409) towards St. Johann. The motorcyclist lost control of his vehicle in the right-hand bend and then slid into the oncoming lane. He crashed into a car whose driver was unable to avoid it. The engine of the machine was also damaged in the collision. Gasoline leaked and ignited. But miraculously the motorcyclist survived – albeit with injuries. Many local emergency services were deployed. When the emergency services arrived at the scene of the accident, they extinguished the fire and closed the street. Rescue workers looked after the injured and brought the motorcycle driver to the LKH Graz in the rescue helicopter. The driver of the car was taken to the LKH Hartberg. The Stubenberg am See and St. Johann volunteer fire departments were on duty – they cleaned the scene of spilled binding agents and vehicle parts. The Pöllau police, the towing service and the Weiz and Pischelsdorf rescue services were also on site. Note: In an initial version, the course of the accident was incorrectly presented. We regret the error!
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