Accident near Innsbruck – When changing lanes on the motorway: truck rams car

It is probably every motorway driver’s nightmare what happened to a 41-year-old Italian on Tuesday evening on the A12 in Innsbruck: a truck driver who was changing lanes overlooked his car and rammed him.

Both the Ukrainian driver of the tractor-trailer and the Italian were driving west on the A12 shortly after 6 p.m. on Monday. At the level of the Amras tunnel, where the A12 and A13 separate, the 28-year-old truck driver wanted to change lanes and overlooked the fact that the Italian’s car was right next to him. The truck pulled to the right and a collision occurred. Injured car driver taken to clinic The 41-year-old car driver was injured in the accident; after first aid, the rescue team took him to the Innsbruck clinic. The truck driver remained uninjured. There was significant damage to his and the Italian’s vehicle. One lane of the A12 had to be closed to record the accident and recover the car. According to the police, there was little traffic at the time, so there was only a slight backlog.
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