Accident Swiss (25) – surveillance camera shows pictures shortly before the minibus accident in Costa Rica


Four people were killed in a tragic accident in Costa Rica – including the 25-year-old Swiss Valentin F. An hour before the tragedy, he said goodbye to his hostess in Monteverde.

In Costa Rica, a minibus collided with a delivery truck. Among the fatalities is the 25-year-old Swiss Valentin F. Pictures from a surveillance camera show him saying goodbye to his host an hour before the tragedy.

(Video: 20 minutes / Noticias Monteverde)

  • Valentin F. died in a tragic traffic accident in Costa Rica.

  • The Swiss was traveling in a minibus that landed on an embankment while overtaking.

  • The fire brigade had to send special equipment for the rescue work.

On Friday at 8 o’clock in the morning gete ein a minibus the Swiss Valentin F. from his hotel in the village of Monteverde in Costa Rica ab. Images from a surveillance camera covering the portal “Noticias Monteverde” published, show how Valentin F. says goodbye to his hostess in front of the hotel entrance. Then he takes 25 year old Swiss takes his backpack and travel bag and gets on the bus. The 60-year-old bus driver, Rafael Artavia Solís, helps the young Swiss man with his luggage.

Together with Valentin F. traveled three women from the USA. The women’s group wanted to travel back to their home country from the airport in San José de Costa Rica on Saturday. But an hour later There was a fatal traffic accident: Valentin F. and two of the US tourists as well as the driver of the minibus were killed, one of the US Americans is in the Monseñor Sanabria hospital in Puntarenas.

Overtaking maneuvers where it was not allowed

According to initial findings, the bus wanted to overtake a truck on the main road near Montes de Oro – at a point where this was not allowed, as police officer Juan Mora told the news portal «La Teja» known gaway. When overtaking, the bus hit the truck, and both drivers lost control of their vehicles and fell down a slope. The bus crashed into a tree with full force, at the same time part of the load of the L was releasedKWs – 32 tons of sugar – and crushed the minibus in which the foreign tourists were traveling.

Several people nearby rushed to help, but the weight was so heavy that it was impossible for them to get the casualty out. Even the fire brigade had to bring in heavy machinery and hydraulic equipment to rescue the victims. According to the fire chief, the rescue work took about six hours. The rescue team needed two more to retrieve the bodies.

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A look at the minibus makes the impact of the collision clear.

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The minibus collided with a truck at Miramar de Montes de Oro in Costa Rica on January 7, 2022.

The minibus collided with a truck at Miramar de Montes de Oro in Costa Rica on January 7, 2022.


Both drivers lost control of their vehicles.

Both drivers lost control of their vehicles.


It was the first fatal accident for the truck

The only one from the tourist group who survived the accident Leslie Wilson from Oregon, is out of danger to life and approachable. she Mourns the death of her friends May Lin Johnson, 49 years old, and the 45-year-old Lisa Renee Anderson. Wilson is in hospital with a serious head injury. She has forgotten the names of her friends. The 54-year-old only remembers that from the accident «everything went very quickly, it hardly took a few seconds».

The truck driver got away with a shock and a few wounds. «A.When the van tried to position itself in front of me, its side collided against my front left tire. We both lost control in the process. The bus began to turn in front of me and finally crashed into a tree», José Hérnandez Ramirez tells a reporter from «La Teja». The LKW-Driver tried to brake, but «it gingnjust a brief moment», then he too landed on the slope. His load fell on the bus. Ramirez is in shock: he has been working as a truck driver for six years, that was his first accident.

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