Accidental Xiaomi Mi 12 leak? MIUI 13 video reveals surprising detail


The Xiaomi 12 apparently appeared in a MIUI 13 video clip from the manufacturer. This hides – literally – a previously unknown detail about the new smartphone.

Does the video show the Xiaomi 12 with a hidden camera? (Source: XiaomiUI)

  • Xiaomi has published a video on MIUI 13.
  • A new model appears in it, which, unlike previous models, has a hidden front camera.
  • Apparently it is the Xiaomi 12.

With Xiaomi, MIUI 13 is already in the starting blocks. A recently published video by the manufacturer provided first insights into the new user interface for Android phones. The clip shows what it looks like on different models. It was noticed, however, that a model shown has not yet been published, it could be the Xiaomi 12!

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As XiaomiUI reports, the video shows a smartphone that does not have a visible front camera on the front. It can’t be the Mi 10 or Mi 11 as both appeared with punchhole cameras.

Xiaomi 12 with a hidden camera?

The only Xiaomi cell phone with a hidden front camera is the Mi Mix 4 so far. However, the cell phone does not look like this in the video. Striking differences can be found in the frame in the form of the seamless transition of the display to the frame and the apparent lack of an earphone at the top of the display.

Since the Xiaomi 12 is to be presented in December, probably together with MIUI 13, it is very likely that the unknown model is the new Xiaomi mobile phone. However, the first renderings on the internet so far showed it with a punch hole for the front camera. It is possible that only one variant of the cell phone could offer a camera hidden under the display.

It remains to be seen whether the Xiaomi 12 will actually be shown here. The presentation of the cell phone planned for December at the earliest will provide clarity.

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Source: XiaomiUI (source)

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