According to a study, UV rays from semi-permanent manicure lamps are carcinogenic

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The semi-permanent manicure would not be without risks according to a new study which highlights its potential carcinogenic effects.

Practical because it lasts longer than a classic nail polish, the semi-permanent manicure has become more popular in recent years, promising us impeccable nails for ten days on average. In institute or carried out using manicure kits at home, it has made life easier for women. If some were still worried about weakening their nails by using it, the risks associated with the use of UV lamps to catalyze the gel varnish would be much more serious than we thought. In any case, this is what a recent American study published on the Nature communications website.

Interested in the effects of repeated use of UV lamps for gel nails and basing itself on several surveys, the study reveals that“long-term use can increase the risk of developing skin cancer because of the UV rays used to harden and fix the varnish. Not long ago, you were alerted to the need to protect yourself from UV rays when doing this type of manicure to preserve the skin of your hands, but it seems that the risk of skin and nail cancer is now recognized.

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Ultraviolet rays from manicure lamps: the same risks as the sun’s rays!

The UV rays emitted by the UV lamps used to create gel nails are similar to those that our skin receives when exposed to the sun. Like them, they are therefore harmful to the health and cells of our skin when abused. “It is important to note that the longer wavelength of UVA emitted (…) will reach all layers of the epidermis and penetrate to the deeper layers of the dermis, potentially even affecting certain skin stem cells” indeed explains the American study which points the finger at them.

Highlighting the risk of cell damage and death their use entails, the survey also reveals that exposure to UV rays from semi-permanent manicure lamps can be the cause of DNA mutations in case of’acute or chronic exposure in this light.

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Semi-permanent manicure: reasonable use to limit the risks

The precautionary principle may encourage us to stop all use of the semi-permanent manicure, but the study especially warns people who make a abusive use. Are defined as acute and chronic exposure, two sessions of 20 minutes of UV lamps on your hands in one day and 20 minutes of exposure to this light per day for three days. Knowing that we generally place our hands under the lamp for 30 to 60 seconds, two to three times maximum during the process, getting a semi-permanent manicure from time to time is not yet prohibited. Vigilance, however, invites you not to chain gel manicures and to make moderate use of them.


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