According to Arthur Hayes, Bitcoin will be the currency of artificial intelligence (AI)

Arthur Hayes strongly believes that Bitcoin has the digital, unalterable and rare characteristics that make it an ideal asset for a future driven by artificial intelligence.

According to Hayes’ forecast, the growing adoption of AI and Bitcoin could propel the price of the latter to impressive heights, potentially reaching $760,000 by 2025/2026.

Bitcoin: The currency of artificial intelligence according to Arthur Hayes

Arthur Hayes, former CEO of BitMEX and currently manager of a family office called Maelstrom, considers Bitcoin, with its inherently digital nature, censorship resistance and limited availability, to be the ultimate currency for artificial intelligence (AI) systems.

In his latest blog post, Hayes argues that the decentralized nature of the Bitcoin network and the control network users have over their own assets correspond to likely characteristics of future AI-based economies.

According to Hayes, the value of Bitcoin is intrinsically linked to the cost of electricity, considered the “AI food”. Thus, Bitcoin provides an efficient and predictable store of value for AI systems over time. Hayes even asserts that “Bitcoin is the closest monetary instrument to representing pure energy”.

Additionally, Bitcoin’s verifiable scarcity and censorship resistance give AI-based technologies an edge over other forms of currency. While supply of gold and fiat currencies may fluctuatethe supply of Bitcoin is cryptographically limitedproviding a predictable financial basis for such systems that cannot be manipulated, Hayes points out.

Bitcoin adoption by the AI ​​economy could drive growth?

Hayes also indicates that if the AI ​​economy adopts Bitcoin, the collision between the need to escape the inflation of the fiduciary system and the desire to participate in the next phase of human and computer evolution could incentivize investors to secure Bitcoin’s growth.

The Hayes predictive model predicts that in 2025 or 2026, the economy of I’AI could represent between 5% and 50% of global GDPwhich would lead to a potential increase in the value of Bitcoin of up to $760,000 per piece.

According to Hayes, as market assumptions shift from “it can never happen” to “it might just happen”, this represents the period of greatest opportunity for those who are supportive of Bitcoin. Although the future of AI and Bitcoin remains uncertain“I plan to jump aboard the narrative excitement bandwagon and turn a profit”he added.

In May, Hayes predicted a volatile year for bitcoin in 2023followed bya sharp increase from 2024.

This view from Hayes highlights the potential synergies between Bitcoin and AI, where Bitcoin’s decentralization, resistance to censorship, and limited availability provide an ideal framework for the emergence of future AI-based economies. It remains to be seen how this convergence will develop. and what impact it will have on the evolution of financial and technological systems in the age of artificial intelligence.

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