According to IBM, quantum computing could destroy countries’ cybersecurity

IBM believes that quantum computing represents a great danger. For what ? According to cybersecurity experts, this technology would be able to break current cryptography.

Fighting back against the danger of quantum computing

Quantum computing complements classical computing to solve particularly complex problems, with computers equipped with this technology being more efficient and faster. A power which represents a danger according to IBM experts, who are working on a quantum machine of more than 4000 qubits for 2025. It was during the World Economic Forum in Davos that Ana Paula Assis, general director of the company in Europe , in the Middle East and Africa, expressed its fears. According to her, technology threatens to wreak havoc in the field of cybersecurity.

Quantum computers perform calculations in parallel, not in sequences. The danger of this method is that it renders current encryption ineffective. The solution ? According to IBM, cryptography experts must take into account the capabilities of quantum computers. The company itself is tackling this with encryption designed to resist this technology via new algorithms and protocols. Even if IBM CEO Arvind Krishna admits that his company is not yet ready to face this threat.

The fear of a computer attack against governments

It is therefore urgent for governments, as well as businesses, to prepare to deal with the problem. In the event of an attack, entire financial systems could collapse. National defenses would be in danger as would medicine, for example in the case of hospitals where the wounded are treated. The theme of a large-scale computer attack plunging a country into chaos had already been addressed at the end of 2023 with The World After Us on Netflix. Let’s hope that fiction doesn’t overlap with reality!

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