Accusations against Eric Coquerel: the controversy swells following the testimony of Sophie Tissier

Alexandre Chauveau
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07:43, July 04, 2022

Did Eric Coquerel have an inappropriate attitude with one or more women? Sophie Tissier, figure of the movement of “yellow vests” spoke publicly on Sunday to denounce, according to her, “inappropriate gestures” on the part of the deputy, which would have taken place during an evening in 2014. The president of the commission Finance does not rule out filing a defamation suit.

Is the Coquerel affair just beginning? Sophie Tissier, a former figure of “yellow vests”, announced on Sunday that she had made a report to LFI’s sexual violence monitoring committee. The chairman of the finance committee of the National Assembly denies the facts and does not rule out filing a defamation complaint.

It all started when the activist and essayist Rokhaya Diallo was publicly surprised, last Thursday, by the election of Éric Coquerel as head of the finance committee. This then puts forward rumors which, according to her, would circulate around the supposed attitude of Eric Coquerel towards women.

“I have never exercised physical violence or coercion to obtain a report”

However, no reports or complaints have been filed at this stage. But Eric Coquerel decides to justify himself in a column published on Sunday in the Sunday newspaper. “I have never exercised physical or psychological violence or coercion to obtain a report”, affirms the elected representative of Seine-Saint-Denis.

Sophie Tissier reserves the right to file a complaint

A few hours later, however, a report was made to the sexual violence monitoring committee of insubordinate France. It comes from Sophie Tissier, a left-wing activist. She accuses Eric Coquerel of having been, according to her, particularly insistent and of having had, still according to her, wandering hands during an evening in 2014.

Sophie Tissier explains that it was not a sexual assault, but still reserves the right to file a complaint and says above all that she wants Eric Coquerel to recognize the facts for which she accuses him. He defends himself from any inappropriate gesture and barely recognizes a flirtation with this activist.

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