accused father thought the apocalypse was near

Anthony Todt is currently on trial in the United States for the murder of his family. According to the prosecutor, he thought the end of the world was near.

In the small community of Celebration, Florida, the nightmare. Between the pristine homes of this town created by the Walt Disney Company in the 1990s, a family has been slaughtered. The father, Anthony Todt, is currently on trial for the murder of his wife, their three children and their dog. At the opening of the hearings on Monday, Assistant District Attorney Danielle Pinnell recalled that the man had confessed to the crimes, explaining that he had agreed with his wife to kill their entire family, reports the “Orlando Sentinel “. “Everyone had to die in order to get to the other side, because the apocalypse was near,” Danielle Pinnell said, citing the defendant’s beliefs.

She then recounted how Anthony Todt killed her children, starting with the youngest, 4-year-old Zoe. “He went to her bedroom while she was sleeping. He took the time to sit down next to her and got on top of her until he suffocated her”. He then, according to the assistant prosecutor, did the same with his sons Tyler and Alek, whom he also stabbed. During his filmed interrogation, the accused said that once everyone was dead, he “took all their bodies and placed them in the master bedroom”. In addition, his wife Megan allegedly stabbed herself in the stomach but after failing to commit suicide, the man decided to suffocate her with a pillow. Anthony Todt said he spoke to his children about death, and that they told him they wanted to die with him. He explained that he had to “save the soul” of his daughter, so that “she could be with everyone”. The bodies were discovered in a state of decomposition.

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Disappeared in 2019

The disappearance of the Todt family was reported in 2019 by relatives worried about not having heard from Anthony, Megan and their three children. The Todts had moved from Colchester, Connecticut to Celebration, Florida. Authorities said that while Megan and the three children lived full-time in Florida, Anthony worked at his Connecticut physical therapy practice during the week and returned to see his family on weekends. The police went to the Todts’ home in order to meet the father in an unrelated matter. It was there that investigators discovered the bodies of Megan, 42, Alek, 13, Tyler, 11, and Zoey, 4. The victims were said to have been killed “around the end of December” 2019, Sheriff Gibson had said. Investigators had visited the Todts’ home several weeks earlier but left after receiving no response. They did not think at the time that the situation was suspicious and that it required going inside the house.

If Anthony Todt initially confessed to the facts, he then went back on his statement saying that he was not there at the time of the tragedy and that it was his wife who had killed their children. In a letter sent last June to his father, he wrote that his wife had drugged the children before stabbing them. Traces of Benadryl – an antihistamine – had at the time been found in their bodies.

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