Acidum nitricum • Help for mucous membranes and mood

Homeopathically potentized acid

Acidum nitricum is a homeopathic medicine that is obtained by potentiation from nitric acid. It is used for diseases of the mucous membranes, skin tears in the mouth and anal area and depressive moods.

Acidum nitricum is also available in tablet form.

Potentiated nitric acid can be used in a variety of ways, with a focus on the treatment of chronic mucosal diseases as well as ulcers and inflammation. These arise primarily where the outer layer of skin merges, for example in anal fissures, hemorrhoids or moist warts. But bleeding and diseases of glands such as the liver or prostate often respond well to Acidum nitricum.

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When can Acidum nitricum be helpful?

Acidum nitricum treatment is primarily recommended for people over the age of mid-life, but can also be given at any other age. Due to very pronounced mental and emotional symptoms, acidic nitricum is often considered based on psychological changes. These symptoms are particularly noticeable when the mood changes occur in parallel with physical complaints or intensify.

  • Adults: In adults, strong anger and anger are described, there is violent ranting and swearing. People are dissatisfied with themselves, resentful and irritable, like to be the center of attention and think a lot about long past events. In addition, a clear hypersensitivity to noise, touch and pain is often observed.

  • Children: Children for whom Acidum nitricum can help are also described as contentious. They often disagree and do exactly the opposite of what is expected of them. At the same time, they are said to lack self-confidence, which makes them fearful and insecure, so that they cry quickly in the event of a contradiction or allegation. On the physical side, these children are very cold and often have to deal with recurrent inflammation of the mucous membranes (catarrhs), skin tears (rhagades), mouth infections (canker sores) and poorly healing ear infections.

Due to its effects on the mucous membranes and bleeding, Acidum nitricum is also a frequently used homeopathic remedy for pregnancy and childbirth.

What are the symptoms of Acidum nitricum?

The homeopathic medicine Acidum nitricum is prescribed according to the individual symptoms of the patient. There are typical areas of application of Acidum nitricum:

  • Anal complaints: Hemorrhoids and painful tears in the anus.

  • Breast pain: The milk production is weak or does not occur and there is a feeling of being overwhelmed and exhausted. Mastopathy (benign, painful changes in the mammary glands).

  • Depressive mood: Thoughts cannot be thought through to the end, creativity and memory diminish. There is sadness and hopelessness. Those affected remain with unpleasant thoughts.

  • Diarrhea: Slimy, purulent or bloody diarrhea that only comes off with exertion and great pain. Cutting pains that persist long after bowel movements.

  • Cracked lips: Painful tears in the transitional area of ​​the mucous membrane and lips, including the corner of the mouth (torn corners of the mouth).

  • Inflammation in the mouth: Inflammation of the mouth, bad breath, gingivitis, cold sores, thrush (fungal infection) and canker sores (small mucosal ulcers).

  • Joint problems: Swollen, stiff and deformed joints with stinging pain and cracking with every movement.

  • To cough: Irritating cough, especially at night. The cough is dry and accompanied by stinging pain.

  • A headache: With a headache, the scalp is hot and very sensitive to touch.

  • Liver problems: After eating, there is nausea, nausea and stabbing pain in the liver.

  • Stomach discomfort: Incompatibility with meat, fatty foods and sweets. Those affected suffer from pressure pain, nausea and belching.

  • Menstrual problems: The bleeding is very irregular, usually comes too early and is very heavy.

  • Muscles: Muscle weakness and wandering pain. Cramps in the muscles when the weather changes.

  • Sleep disorders: Circles of thought disturb sleep.

  • Sniff: Stuffy nose or runny nose. In both cases, the nasal secretions are slimy and sore.

  • Pregnancy complaints: Vaginal complaints such as discharge (fluor vaginalis), itching, persistent dryness and vaginal pain during pregnancy. Acidum nitricum can also be used if the mucous membranes become generally dry during pregnancy and affect the genitourinary tract, stomach, intestines, oral cavity, nose and respiratory tract.

  • Dizziness: Dizziness when bending over and changing position.

  • Sweat: A lot of foul-smelling sweat on the feet and under the armpits.

  • Teething complaints: Teething babies suffer from headaches, fever and diarrhea.

What are the main symptoms of Acidum nitricum?

Homeopathic medicines differ based on their key symptoms and are selected according to the principle of similarity. A large correspondence between the spectrum of action of Acidum nitricum and the entirety of the symptoms of the sick person suggests that an attempt at treatment should be started.

Acidum nitricum should be considered if you experience the following symptoms:

  • stinging pain: violent, stinging like needles or splinters in the skin; occur suddenly and disappear just as suddenly

  • conspicuous secretions: Urine, stool, sweat are caustic, sore, smelly

  • Skin changes on the mouth: Tears in the skin, blisters and ulcers on the corners of the mouth, bad breath

  • Gastrointestinal complaints: often diarrhea with severe, persistent pain after bowel movements, regurgitation, stomach cramps, excessive salivation, nausea

  • Mind: Irritability, uneasy mood, great fear for one's own health

  • Ulcers and skin tears: Tendency to form painful ulcers and cracks (rhagades, fissures), especially on the mouth and anus

  • Sleep disorders: Difficulty falling asleep, insomnia and poor sleep late at night

  • Menstrual period: too early and very strong

  • Shortness of breath: especially when climbing stairs

  • Feeling cold: in the urethra when urinating

  • often caught a cold

How should you dose Acidum nitricum?

Acidum nitricum is offered as a single homeopathic remedy in the form of globules, tablets or drops. It is also contained in homeopathic combination products and ointments that are used to treat various diseases. Homeopathic medication can also be taken by pregnant women and nursing women. They complement and support other treatments.

If you want to use Acidum nitricum yourself, use low potencies (D3, D6, D12, C6, C12). You can repeat this every hour if necessary. A dose consists of three globules, three drops or a tablet that you can melt under the tongue. Do not exceed a maximum daily dose of ten intakes. Repeat the intake only until the symptoms are significantly better.

A higher dosage with Acidum nitricum and potencies such as C30, C200 or C1000 are suitable for the treatment of severe, acute diseases and chronic complaints. Homeopathic medicines in such potencies should only be prescribed by trained therapists.

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