Activision would consider adding NFT in Call of Duty

Activision is reportedly considering including non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in upcoming Call of Duty titles. A leaker has indeed claimed that discussions were underway on this subject.

While NFTs have been all the rage in recent months, it’s rare to come across a project announcement without some degree of controversy.

From alleged scams to fraudulent marketing campaigns, many industry figures have spoken out against cryptocurrency-based projects. Especially when it comes to video games.

In fact, Valve even went so far as to outright ban NFT games on Steam.

However, despite the near-relentless waves of controversy, Activision is reportedly considering implementing NFTs in its biggest franchise, Call of Duty.


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The report comes from an industry insider, “Ralphs Valve”which has leaked a slew of CoD-specific information over the past few months.

In an April 4 post, he claims that “the inclusion of NFT would be considered by Activision”. Although nothing is set in stone yet and it’s apparently very early in the process, it looks like the talks are well underway.

“NFTs have been under review and study for a few months”.

It’s unclear exactly how NFTs would be incorporated into the CoD series, should the rumored plans come to fruition. We could see anything from weapon skins to blockchain-powered business cards in this hypothetical future.

With a “overhaul” broader user interface that would be underway, Activision is looking to “personalize” user accounts with more depth than ever before, and NFTs could be a very lucrative way for them to do this.

Of course, all of this should be taken with a grain of salt for now. Chances are, these alleged conversations have already ceased in light of the many NFT-related dramas in the gaming industry.

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