Adam set to return to LFL, replaced by Agresivoo

Movement seems planned within Team BDS since Adam and Limit should soon be relegated to the LFL while Agresivoo and Erdote will do the opposite.

Formerly considered the “little prince of toplane” within the Karmine Corp, Adam quickly caused a sensation by signing with Fnatic where he had his first participation in the Worlds.

But this competition went horribly wrong for him and his team due to various internal problems.

Transferred then to BDS, Adam experienced a particularly complicated split in which he was unable to shine as he did before on the top lane.

And according to recent rumors, this terrible adventure that the Frenchman is currently experiencing should soon send him back to the LFL.

Adam soon relegated to LFL?

During the off-season, players from two BDS teams (LEC and LFL) went to South Korea to complete an XXL bootcamp.

And if this bootcamp aims to put players in competition, the LoL transfer window specialist, Wooloo, revealed that two substitutions are expected to take place across both teams as Agresivoo is expected to replace Adam in LEC while Erdote is expected to do the same with LIMIT.

If for the moment nothing is official yet, Adam published a few moments after this rumor a tweet composed of French flags, which suggests his possible return to the LFL.

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