“Adam sucht Eva”: Gisele Oppermann has never felt so comfortable on TV

“Adam is looking for Eve”
Gisele Oppermann has never felt so comfortable on TV

“Eva” Gisele Oppermann is looking for the right “Adam”.

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The new season “Adam sucht Eva” starts on November 15th. Gisele Oppermann talks about the special experience in a hullless paradise.

“Adam sucht Eva” is back: eight prominent and eight non-prominent singles get to know each other stark naked under the Greek sun and maybe even love each other. On Monday, November 15 at 8:15 p.m., the sixth season of the dome show starts on RTLzwei. In an interview with the news agency spot on news, ex- “GNTM” crybaby Gisele Oppermann (34) tells what relationship she has with her body, why it has not worked out so far with great love and what her dream man has to bring with her. She also reveals why there was a conflict right at the beginning in Paradise and why she also took a closer look at the women.

Why did you decide to take part in “Adam sucht Eva”?

Gisele Oppermann: It was a spontaneous decision. I am single and ready to fall in love. I came from a thing you almost can’t call it a relationship that lasted for a month. It was the first time that I introduced someone in public. But that ended in March and then the shooting came in handy. I have no problem with nudity either. I love my body and stand by it. What I didn’t expect, however, is that I would react so shyly when my Adam came up to me. I would have considered myself a little more relaxed.

What is your relationship to your body?

Oppermann: What has always been an issue for me was putting on weight or losing weight. I think it’s such a shame that people have to grapple with you. Let everyone be as they are, I’ve always been slimmer by nature. I have small breasts for this, but I love them because they simply fit my body. How would it look if I had things that big (laughs). I would never allow anything to be changed in myself and I find it bad how beauty operations are often glorified. Stand by your naturalness!

Why hasn’t it worked out so far with love?

Oppermann: Some men are afraid of strong women. Just because I like to show feelings doesn’t mean I’m a weak person. Not everyone can cope with that. So in my last real relationship, which lasted two years, there was a lot of argument. I need a partner who is also strong and whom I can meet at eye level.

What do you look for in a man at first sight?

Oppermann: The first thing I usually pay attention to is the eyes, they have to shine. But when a naked man comes up to you, my eyes naturally also wander elsewhere, so I had to hold back a lot, precisely because the cameras captured every look (laughs). The charisma is very important to me, but it doesn’t have to be love at first sight. Apart from optics, loyalty is my top priority, my partner has to stand behind me in all life situations.

How does getting to know each other in paradise differ?

Oppermann: You get to know each other differently straight away. There is a different familiarity and openness, you let people approach you in a completely different way. I haven’t opened up to everyone, but to many. And I am generally a closed person and, besides close friends, only allow a few people into my life. It was the first TV show in which I felt completely comfortable. There were great people there, both the candidates and the team, who offered a safe and secure environment. That’s why I showed myself from my normal, private side. The trip was definitely very emotional for me. Wouldn’t it be boring if I didn’t shed a tear at all (laughs). Maybe this time with happiness …

Did you get along with all of the candidates?

Oppermann: Anyone who knows me knows that that wasn’t the case (laughs). For example, there was one person who assumed I knew them. I find something like that a very arrogant and impolite way, because I don’t assume that everyone knows me. I always introduce myself with my name, not everyone has the TV shows I’ve done on their screen. Accordingly, I met the person and there was the first little conflict right at the beginning.

Do you take a closer look at the women on the island?

Oppermann: Definitely. When do you see so many different vagines in everyday life? Everyone has seen a piece of porn before, but that was something else. I wasn’t aware before that there are so many different versions, that was very interesting (laughs). I noticed that a candidate I like very much has complexes about her body, which is a shame. I think they are beautiful, precisely because of their naturalness – beautiful, large breasts and the right body. And then to compare yourself with the slim ones and not see yourself as we see them, I found sad.

Are you afraid that you might not be portrayed correctly on the program?

Oppermann: No. I think it’s wrong to whine in retrospect and say that I wasn’t portrayed correctly or that I wasn’t meant to be. Then you shouldn’t show this and that about yourself. Of course, the cut may make situations more interesting, but the situation remains the same. The problem is that most of them don’t stand by what they say.


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