Adele Neuhauser: “Cosmetic operations in young people are particularly bad”

Adele Neuhauser
“Cosmetic operations in young people are particularly bad”

“Wrinkle-free”: Beauty expert Stella Martin (Adele Neuhauser) accidentally overhears the two stylists Sonja (Inka Calvi) and Natalia (Tatjana Maximovic) – what she hears really upsets her.

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“Unfortunately, the result is often a uniformed, bloated face,” says Adele Neuhauser in an interview about cosmetic surgery.

Vienna “Tatort” star Adele Neuhauser (62) plays the self-centered star author and iconic beauty advisor Stella Martin in the comedy “Wrinkle Free” (November 17th, 8:15 pm, the first). After an accident, she can suddenly hear what those around her think of her – and that is unflattering … Whether Neuhauser had doubts about the issues of aging, cosmetic surgery, etc., in the film by director and Grimme Prize winner Dirk Kummer (55, “Zuckersand”) and screenwriter Uli Brée (born 1964, “Vorstadtweiber”), she tells in an interview with spot on news.

Did you hesitate when accepting the film “Wrinkle-Free” because it was clear that you would be asked about getting older and about cosmetic surgery?

Adele Neuhauser: No, I didn’t hesitate at all to accept the offer. I’m not a big fan of cosmetic surgery, for the simple reason that screenwriter Uli Brée cites as a criticism in the film: I think it’s important that people get to know and appreciate themselves first, before they go under the knife. It is especially bad when young people who are not yet fully grown start to let themselves be snipped around. I find that tragic.

Plastic surgery is also an issue more often for actresses and actors. What do you make of it?

Neuhauser: I don’t want to criticize any colleague, but it is a not unimportant topic and I think it’s good that it is packaged and dealt with in a comedy. I myself am not wrinkle-free with God, but I don’t care. We should not submit to a beauty dictation that the Stella Martins of this world are persuading us to do. As soon as we listen carefully, we’ve actually already lost.

What does beauty mean to you?

Neuhauser: If you have a person in front of you who is respectful, loving, clever and full of humor, then that is a beautiful person. Even if he or she does not meet beauty (OP) standards. It is nice to be a good person, to practice soul hygiene, and to have a rich heart. That is much more important than an ostensibly beautiful appearance. An operation cannot give me energy and joie de vivre. The situation is of course completely different with operations after an accident. Thank heavens there is such a thing.

The kind of beauty you just mentioned cannot affect aging either?

Neuhauser: That’s how it is. Most of them just look the same when they want to fight against aging with classic cosmetic surgery. Unfortunately, the result is often a uniformed, puffy face. The individuality is then also gone. At some point in America there was said to have been an announcement to actors and actresses: “Please don’t get botoxed anymore, we also need older faces.” But of course it’s a tightrope walk in the film industry and it depends on which roles you are offered.

Another inspiring theme in the film “Wrinkle Free” is “being able to hear other people’s thoughts”. Would you like to be able to do that?

Neuhauser: No, you don’t really want that. The only situation in which I could imagine that sometimes you would like to hear what the other is thinking is in a love affair. But I don’t know if it would be really good to hear everything. I see the positive moments and the radiance in the audience or when people meet me and that makes me happy. That lights up my heart. But I don’t necessarily have to hear the negative – I already know that myself. Actually, you are always yourself the greatest critic. At least I always have been. I even believe that someone else couldn’t hurt me the way I hurt myself. Probably most of them feel the same way.

Probably. In addition, interpersonal contact and exchange has become a little more difficult since Corona. How are you doing with that?

Neuhauser: I have been vaccinated twice and I can really only advise everyone to do the same. I’m also glad I didn’t have to find out so far what this virus would have done to me if it had gotten me and I hope it stays that way.

One more question about the Vienna “crime scene”. As Commissioner Bibi Fellner, you have been with us for ten years. Was that celebrated?

Neuhauser: I didn’t have that on my screen at all. And no, we didn’t celebrate. For us it is not so important how many thrillers we have done, because we work from episode to episode and from topic to topic. The only important moment is always when we are working on a new subject, to tell it as honestly and as colorfully as possible. I’m wondering how long this has been going on now, but I just really enjoy working with Harald Krassnitzer. We are a perfect couple, I think.

So there is still no end in sight?

Neuhauser: We don’t think about that. So everything is still good for now. Next year we’ll be shooting three more films …


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