Adele: She raves about her relationship with Rich Paul

She raves about her relationship with Rich Paul

The TV special “An Evening with Adele” will also be shown on German TV.

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Adele spoke again openly about her divorce and her new relationship with sports agent Rich Paul in a TV special.

The British singer Adele (33) will be releasing her fourth album “30” on November 19th. After around six years of musical hiatus, she celebrated the release with a TV event that the US network CBS broadcast on November 14th. On the one hand, the 33-year-old invited to a concert in Los Angeles in front of the Griffith Park Observatory under the motto “Adele One Night Only” and sang songs from her new album as well as some of her old hits. Stars like Lizzo (33), James Corden (43) or Melissa McCarthy (51) did not miss the special appearance on site.

A marriage proposal from a spectator on stage caused a special surprise, after which Adele dedicated the song “Make You Feel My Love” to the engaged couple. A special guest was Adele’s son Angelo (9) presentwho saw his mother perform live for the first time. In an interview with Oprah Winfrey (67), Adele also spoke about the ups and downs of her life in the TV special.

No respect for marriage?

She has always dreamed of an intact family life because she had not experienced it herself, explained the singer according to the BBC in the interview, which took place in the same setting as the conversation between Duchess Meghan (40) and Prince Harry (37) with the talk show icon. The “biggest wound” she suffered as a child was the absence of her father. She vowed “that we would stay together when I had children. And I tried for a very, very long time,” said the 33-year-old, who was in a relationship with Simon Konecki (47) from 2011 and was married from 2017. Their son Angelo was born in 2012. In April 2019, her management announced the separation, and at the beginning of this year there was an agreement in the divorce process.

The separation took place in 2018, says Adele in an interview with Winfrey. “I take marriage very seriously and it seemed like I didn’t. Like I didn’t respect her because I got married and then got divorced so quickly. I was ashamed because it happened so quickly.” During this difficult time, her friends kept telling her to “hold on”, which is why her new song “Hold On” can be traced back to her.

Ex-husband Simon Konecki “saved her life”

She continues to love her ex-husband, with whom she takes care of their son, even if she is no longer “in love” with him. To this day she is grateful to him that he “saved her life” at the beginning of her career. “I was so young. I could have easily walked some shady paths and destroyed myself because I was so overwhelmed by it all.” Konecki was her greatest support at the time.

Her father has long been the reason “why I did not fully understand what it means to be in a loving relationship with someone.” Before his death in April, however, she reconciled with him. She was able to play him the songs from her new album via Zoom. “When he died it was literally like closing a wound.”

Weight loss to reduce anxiety

After her divorce, she suffered from panic attacks, Adele said in the personal interview. “They completely paralyzed me and confused me so much because I had no control over my body.” Sport helped her overcome her fears. This is how her transformation came about, in which she lost around 45 kilograms and also refrained from alcohol. Adele said that she was not shocked or even worried that she had also caused negative comments. “My body has been a theme throughout my career. I was either too fat or too thin.”

This is what defines your new partner

As reported by “People” magazine, the Grammy winner also spoke about her new relationship with sports agent Rich Paul. “He’s just incredibly funny. And very smart. It’s great to watch him do what he does,” enthused Adele. It is the first relationship in which she loves herself and is open to “loving someone else and being loved by him”. The two made their first public appearance together at an NBA game in July of this year. Officially, she then had the relationship in September via Instagram made.

Adele special on German TV

In this country the TV special will be shown under the title “An Evening with Adele”. The German premiere of the concert event can be seen from November 21 in the ARD media library. The special will be broadcast on German TV on December 4th at 11:40 p.m. on Das Erste. The whole thing will be shown again on MDR television on December 18 from 9:15 p.m.


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