Adele spotted at Oscar party after losing weight

After weight loss
Adele spotted at Oscar party

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Well, we know them: At the Oscar aftershow party hosted by winner Daniel Kaluuya, a very special guest could be seen on mobile phone videos: singer Adele.

It’s been about half a year since singer Adele, 32, officially appeared on the US show “SNL” for the first time after her weight loss of around 45 kilograms. Before that she was in hiding, then again. No wonder that photos of the megastar always cause a stir.

Adele: Photos during the Oscar party

Just like now current pictures of Adele, who showed up after Daniel Kaluuya’s Oscar winning party. There the pop singer shows herself exuberant while partying, as documented by other party guests. The British woman wears a lime green coat from LaPointe for 2500 euros, matching trousers with snake print and earrings from the Shaune Leane label worth over 600 euros. So you definitely couldn’t overlook Adele in this signal look.

Focus of the party

Although Adele was only a guest and accompanied by her friend, actress Amber Chardae Robinson, the mood cannon quickly became the focus of the party. In a video she shouts, “I’m the DJ, let’s go” and grabs her phone to turn on the song “I’m real” by Jennifer Lopez and Ja Rule. She looks happy and exuberant. The bartenders also revealed: Adele tasted the “Moscow Mule” drink particularly good.

Adele and Simon Konecki’s divorce was only finalized two months ago, and little Angelo’s parents separated almost two years ago. It took so long, according to reports, because the pop star’s fortune of nearly 200 million euros had to be split. Adele has not yet commented on a new relationship.

Nice to see that the superstar is celebrating again – hopefully taking into account the current Covid guidelines in the USA.

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