Adele: We can expect that from the comeback of the year

We can expect that from the comeback of the year

Adele’s comeback is imminent and the news is rolling.

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Adele’s comeback is imminent and the news is rolling. TV events, Las Vegas concerts and albums – you need to know that.

It’s official: six years after her last album, new music by Adele will finally be released on October 15th. What we know about the comeback so far.

The announcement made headlines: Last weekend, mysterious projections of the number “30” on a blue and black background suddenly appeared on landmarks and buildings all over the world. Then Adele also changed the headers and photos on her social media channels to the blue and black background. And finally she announced with a short video that a single called “Easy On Me” would be released on October 15th.

If you add one and one together, you are certain: The single announces the new album and it will be called “30”.

In which musical direction is it going?

The first glimpse into the new era of Adele should have been particularly pleasing to her fans: The snippet for “Easy On Me” sounds as if time has stood still since “25”. The piano melody conjures up melancholy feelings, you can imagine how Adele raises her powerful voice and sends the listeners on emotional journeys again.

Nevertheless, Adele fans should also be prepared for new things. The singer has changed herself enormously in recent years: The separation from her husband, the extreme weight loss, many private moments of self-discovery – it is unlikely that her art will remain unaffected by this personal reinvention.

In 2019, when she was already working on the album, she wrote: “I’ve changed a lot in the last few years and I’m still changing and that’s ok.” But it will not be quite as dramatic as the Instagram post announced in 2019: “30” will be a drum-and-bass album, just to annoy everyone, Adele wrote jokingly.

Her good friend and talk show host Alan Carr (45) also calmed down worried fans at the beginning of the year. In an interview with “Grazia” he said he could already hear a few songs. His verdict: “Oh my god, it’s so great. It’s so great.”

Las Vegas instead of North America tour?

Every album always includes a tour, which is why the idea suggests that the superstar will appear in the stadiums of the world after its release. But now “Billboard” reportsthat Adele may have a completely different plan: Accordingly, she is considering a permanent show in Las Vegas for 2022.

This means that the fans have to travel to her to see the singer performing regular and somewhat more intimate appearances in one of the concert halls. According to “Billboard”, the Park Theater at Park MGM or the Colosseum at Caesars Palace are currently considered. Both should also still have free dates for the year 2022. A contract has allegedly been negotiated for several weeks.

The advantages for Adele are obvious: According to “Mail On Sunday”, she is said to have contractually guaranteed that she will be able to stay in her Los Angeles house during the series and be flown to the shows in a private jet. She could commute between Las Vegas and her home in Los Angeles, avoiding the stress of travel and seeing her eight-year-old son regularly.

The Las Vegas show is only supposed to replace her North American tour, if at all. The rest of the world will surely honor her for her comeback anyway.

Will there be a TV show about it?

Before that, there might be another way to see Adele: As reported by “Vulture”, the new album could also be accompanied by its own TV special. Adele’s team is said to have discussed this idea with several broadcasters and platforms. This is supposed to be a television event that would be broadcast with the release of the new album before the end of the year – in time for Christmas business.

Adele had already done something similar in the promotional phase for her album “25”. At that time, concerts with the new songs were recorded in front of a small audience and broadcast on the BBC and NBC. “Vulture” speculates that this time it could be something even bigger, like a live outdoor special. A streaming service such as Netflix, Amazon Prime or Apple TV could also be used for the transmission.


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