Adeunis: 2021/2022 annual revenue up 16% to EUR 6.2m and annual adjusted EBITDA ambition close to breakeven

Crolles, June 9, 2022

2021/2022 annual revenue up 16% to €6.2m and annual adjusted EBITDA ambition close to breakeven

Adeunis, the expert in IIoT solutions (Industrial Internet of Things)presents its unaudited revenue for the 2021/2022 financial year (period from 1er April 2021 to March 31, 2022).

During this 2021/2022 financial year, Adeunis continued its strategy of deploying standardized “catalog range” IIoT solutions to meet increasingly important needs. Indeed, the growth of the sector continues to be driven by regulatory developments (BACS and Tertiary decree, climate law, etc.), as well as by the needs revealed by the health crisis. In particular, it highlighted the need for centralized and optimized management, through IoT solutions, of major components at the heart of the major challenges of our decade, in particular Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) or energy management.

(in thousands of euros)2020/20212021/2022VariationVariation
IIoT “catalog range”3,2364,706+1,470+45.4%
IIoT “customized product”822396-426-51.8%
M2M Modules1,2541,048-206-16.4%
Total turnover5,3126,150+838+15.8%

Growth driven by strategic activities

Revenue for the 2021/2022 financial year thus amounted to €6,150k, up +15.8% against €5,312k a year earlier. By activity, revenue from IIoT solutions catalog range accelerated its growth dynamic which reached +45% compared to the previous financial year for a turnover of 4,706 k€. This performance is mainly driven by the ramp-up of roll-outs to Key Accounts and the recurrence of these sales. In addition, the new range of solutions for monitoring indoor air quality recorded its first major orders. However, tensions in the electronic component markets disrupted the expected cycle, and weighed on the expected performance in this segment.

IIoT solutions “customized products” contracted by 52% to €396,000, in accordance with Adeunis’ clear desire to no longer accept orders with little or no profit and to promote commercially the range of “catalog” solutions with high added value.

The non-strategic M2M Modules activity, which does not require any particular technological or commercial investment, amounts to 1,048 k€. Just like the two IIoT segments, this activity could have reached a higher level of turnover without the current tensions on the supplies of electronic components.

Impact of tensions on the components market

The growth in turnover over the financial year demonstrates once again the buoyant positioning of Adeunis in a once again dynamic IoT market, thanks in particular to the end of the health crisis and the need for remote management of the buildings it highlighted. The growth of the second half (+8%) is however lower than that of the first half of the financial year (+27%), due to the strengthening of the tensions on the supply of components during the financial year. These tensions have limited the growth of deliveries and have had an impact on the Company’s margins due to the increase in prices.

As a result, adjusted EBITDA[1] for the financial year should come out close to balance, without reaching a positive value as initially targeted and as achieved during the previous financial year (+9 k€).

New growth prospects for the 2022/2023 financial year

For the coming financial year 2022/2023, the Company once again aims to achieve growth in its business, driven by a market that retains significant dynamism, under the effect of deep drivers, in particular Smart Building and product ranges related to indoor air quality. However, the tensions on the components market should persist in 2022/2023 with possible impacts on Adeunis’ activity and margins.

In the medium term, Adeunis aims more than ever to become a key player in the IIoT market. For this, the Company will pursue its commercial strategy based on:

  • IIoT products and services catalog “, possessing a stronger predictability than personalized products” customized as well as higher margins. In this context, Adeunis has implemented a program to overhaul the internal architecture of its product range, making it simpler, more resilient and less dependent on electronic components. This program is also financed to the tune of €350,000 by an innovation loan from BPI France;
  • The development of a range of 5G products and associated services, for which Adeunis received funding of €600k from Bpifrance, as part of the France Relance plan. It will be used to address this new market to allow the massification of the IoT on the vertical of the building;
  • The continuous improvement of the product range and the development of new services with application offers concerning Indoor Air Quality in particular, to move towards an agnostic global solution in the “Device As A Service” model, with a focus on Key Accounts as well as international expansion through a network of specialized distributors;
  • A global approach to the management of buildings, industry and cities, notably making it possible to respond to the current health crisis, thanks to the capture of critical data and the remote management of installations;
  • The contribution of artificial intelligence, Edge Computing to increase the relevance and precision of solutions, improving the responsiveness of installations while reducing their maintenance costs.

Next meeting: Annual results July 21, 2022 after market close.

About Adeunis

In a connected world, Adeunis facilitates the deployment of IoT projects thanks to its connected sensors and solutions, as well as an expert service.

Adeunis is the expert in IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) solutions dedicated to optimizing building management (Smart Building). Adeunis solutions also meet the needs of Smart Industry and Smart City.

Our mission: to support the digitization of our customers’ businesses through IoT solutions, to provide more energy performance, more comfort to users, or even an optimization of equipment maintenance.

With an agnostic technological approach recognized for more than 20 years, a real industrial dimension with several million products already on the market, Adeunis offers solutions adapted to all needs. Adeunis has 30 employees on 1 unique site in France (near Grenoble). In 2021/2022, this activity qualified as an “Innovative Company” by Bpifrance achieved a turnover of 6.2 million euros on its new scope.

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[1] Of which CIR and excluding exceptional items related to the depreciation of obsolete inventories which are nil over the period.

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