Adibou by Wiloki: the educational game launches into song

If you grew up in the 90s, you must know Adibouthe little cousin much more popular thanAdi and star of educational games for children from 4 to 7 years old. Ubisoft announced last year a partnership with Wilokian online tutoring platform, to bring back the hero of our childhood.

Adibou by Wiloki: the app for learning and having fun for 4 to 7 year olds has just landed this week on iOS and Android, in song! The studios share a short clip to immerse us in the atmosphere, with obviously Adiboubut also his friends Plop and Robinwithout forgetting the villain Bouzigouloumwho will still devour cakes. Wiloki explains thathe used “artificial intelligence and the identification of motivational levers” to create this educational game in the colorful and unusual universe ofAdibouwith the expertise ofUbisoft for all that is creation, production and marketing. Note in passing that Wiloki was founded by Manon, Thibaut and Hugo Oskian, children of Roland Oskian, founder of Cocktail Vision who created Adi, Adibou and Adiboud’chou with Muriel Tramis.

In Adibou by Wiloki: the app to learn and have fun from 4 to 7 years oldyoung players can therefore explore the garden, the kitchen, the living room, the vegetable garden and the flower corner to indulge in various fun activities, including a tower of knowledge intended for the general awakening, the Math room to learn to count and French piece to practice reading and writing.

Adibou by Wiloki: the app for learning and having fun for 4 to 7 year olds is available on iOS and Android, for mobiles and tablets, at a price of €9.99. The developers are already promising updates to enrich the content and intend to introduce multiplayer features to play with friends or family “in a 100% secure environment”, not to mention lives animated by characters from the universes of Wiloki and Adibou. You can find tablets on Amazon.

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