Adibou is making a comeback today with a learning app for 4-7 year olds by Wiloki

We told you about it a few months ago, a revered star of young children from the 90s-2000s created by Ubisoft (which still supports the project today), Adibou, makes its big comeback from today on smartphones and tablets running iOS and Android for the one-off sum of €9.99.

This return is made through a school support and learning application, where children aged 4 to 7 can now learn to read, count, grow vegetables or cook, all while having fun on this platform which is 100% secure and where parents can have control over what the child sees, learns and the time spent on the application.

Join us in the world of Adibou

This musical tune will bring back wonderful memories to young parents who have certainly known this little guy in the red cap and the funny animals in their own childhood. On the program of this video game return, Adibou therefore offers us nearly 1500 activities between mathematics, French, acquisition of life skills and educational games (vegetable garden, flower field, preparation of cakes etc.) or the visualization of adapted music clips or listening to educational podcasts.

The official website explains the method used by this application as follows: “The Adibou educational game is based on evolving algorithms. These make it possible, on the one hand, to identify the strengths and areas for improvement of children in kindergarten and CP, and on the other hand, to identify the levers of motivation. Moreover, [cette] technology is associated with a very fine division of the skills to be assimilated. This therefore makes it possible to build a personalized learning path, adapted to each child. At last, [les] content and methods have been designed with teachers and experts in education technologies. »

The platform offers the possibility of creating up to 8 simultaneous profiles so that each child (and parents, we won’t judge you) can try out this fun and varied content. Moreover, it is not necessary to be connected to the internet (except to create accounts) to enjoy the content which can therefore be taken anywhere on a trip, for example. Different places are also offered within the kingdom of Adibou such as Le Potager, Le Coin des Fleurs, Le Salon, La Tour du Savoir and La Cuisine, so well known and appreciated at the time for its creation of cakes wacky and sometimes unsavory.

A system of points and stars linked to challenges (more than a hundred at launch) allows parents to follow the progress of their children and thus identify the content to be deepened as well as those which have already been mastered. Finally, note that the application wants to be very secure because it offers a control of the time spent, guaranteed anonymity but also a total absence of advertising (it is a paid application, remember) or integrated purchase as well as ‘no paid DLC coming soon.

The game nevertheless has a multiplayer component to come with the desired creation of a real community of players and players around the world as well as content enrichments that can go through the presence of lives animated by characters from the Wiloki universe. or Adibou.

You should know that we will soon be offering you an exhaustive feedback on what this application is worth in terms of its content, its accessibility, its security and its ergonomics in particular.

As a reminder, Adibou by Wiloki is available on smartphones and tablets running iOS and Android for €9.99 per device, directly on the stores concerned or via the official website of the application. Finally, it should be noted that Wiloki is a school support application for children aged 7 to 14 created by 3 brothers and sisters (who happen to be the children of the creator of Adibou, Roland Oskian) and available with a monthly or annual subscription for these age groups.

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