Adnet – It jammed at the start of the Covid controls

Drivers needed a little patience to start the exit controls in Adnet. On Wednesday morning, the police meticulously checked whether every driver had their 3G certificate with them – including shorter traffic jams. The number of corona cases in the Tennengau community continues to stagnate at a very high level. . .

“What’s going on there easily?” The driver of a car with a Styrian license plate was confused when she had to brake her car shortly after leaving Adnet in the direction of Hallein. She had never heard of the exit controls in the Tennengau community. An isolated case: the majority of the drivers drew out their 3G certificate. The police strictly controlled the restrictions and had set up checkpoints at the exits. In the early morning traffic there were delays of up to 20 minutes, towards noon it was much quieter.

The exit controls are valid in Adnet until November 3rd. As of Wednesday there were 66 people infected with corona in the village. The 7-day incidence is currently 1252. Almost every second resident of the Tennengau community is vaccinated. Exit controls in St. Koloman will run until October 31st.

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