Adocia: launch of three studies in diabetes – 04/11/2022 at 11:36

( – Adocia announced on Monday the launch of three clinical studies with diabetic patients with its combination of two reference insulins.

The biopharmaceutical company says it has obtained authorization from Chinese and German regulatory authorities to conduct these three trials on its proprietary BioChaperone Combo (BC Combo) platform.

These studies, which will be conducted in Germany and entirely financed by the Chinese industrial group Tonghua Dongbao and therefore have no cash impact for Adocia, should serve as a springboard for the entry into phase III of the compound.

BC Combo is a combination derived from the rapid-acting insulin Humalog and the slow-acting insulin Lantus, which is believed to offer diabetic patients better control of their blood sugar compared to the premix insulins widely used today.

It should be noted that China is currently the country with the largest number of people with diabetes with more than 140 million patients, or one person in 10.

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