Adopt homemade shampoo with these recipes!

While languages ​​are finally starting to loosen up regarding the sometimes suspicious composition of certain cosmetics, here we offer you natural, economical and extremely simple alternatives to make … which will only make you and the planet happy!

You don't just want your hair to look bulky, silky and in good health – you want them to be really so and that this result is not just an illusion given by an accumulation of products of sometimes questionable composition on your head … So, as we are never better served than by ourselves, we today deliver several recipes from homemade shampoos easy to do from home with natural ingredients that you are likely to find in your fridge or cupboards. What more could you possibly hope for? To your notes!

Adopting homemade shampoo – where to start?

These arguments have finally convinced you and you are determined to take the adventure? That's very good news. Be aware that there are several things you need to keep in mind before you start developing your very first homemade organic shampoo :

  • First, although it’s about natural cosmetics, there is no certainty that you will not be able to have an allergic reaction due to the use of certain ingredients. Before you start a recipe, you'd better test each of the ones you are about to use on a small part of your skin.
  • In the event that you are required to use essential oils, be aware that you should always act with caution. Although they contain many properties, these prove to be particularly powerful and the dosages must therefore be meticulously respected. In summary: essential oils, yes, but not just anyhow.
  • In addition, you should seriously prepare for the idea that homemade shampoos that you will develop will certainly not have the same texture (liquid, silky, fluid, foaming) as the majority of so-called "classic" shampoos that you have always used to use. So it can be confusing at first because we all have this little voice in the head that says that for it to wash properly, it must necessarily foam, but you will gradually learn to get rid of it. All you need to do is distribute your natural shampoo on your scalp and your lengths, leave it on for a few minutes before rinsing it off and you end up with hair not only clean, but also healthy – to be finally conquered.
  • Something else you should know from the start: you don't necessarily go easily from a "classic" routine to a 100% natural routine. The difference between the two is such that your hair and scalp are bound to need a little adjustment. It’s after this “transition” phase that you can finally discover the incredible results of the home made before you promise never to go back.
  • Finally, so that your homemade organic shampoo to be effective, it still has to be adapted to the nature of your hair. Fat, dull, dry, very dry … there will be as many types of shampoos as textures, you just have to make the right decisions about the choice of your natural ingredients !

These homemade shampoo recipes to note and keep preciously:

If you are a beginner, then it is better that you start with the simplest recipes, made from littleparticularly easy to find ingredients. And that's good, because that's exactly what you will find in this article:

The recipe suitable for all hair types:

  • Natural egg shampoo:

Hard to do more simple, accessible and economic than this first recipe that we present to you. Did you suspect that the egg had all the assets to become the best ally of your hair? Ideal combo between a white with washing properties and a yellow extremely rich who will take care of your hair fiber with each wash. Soft and brilliant, your hair will love it. But, as there cannot be only benefits, be aware that the egg is an ingredient that can be difficult to spread, that it can leave an odor in your hair (which nevertheless fades as your hair dries) and it should not be rinsed out of the blue – in other words: especially not with too hot water or you will end up with an omelet on your head!

To make this recipe you will only have to beat a egg which you can either mix with 30 grams ofvegetable coconut oil, a tablespoon of lemon juice and half a teaspoon of cider vinegar to multiply the benefits, or use it as is if you have nothing else on hand. Wash your hair with the preparation thus obtained, rinse with lukewarm or cold water and voila!

Recipes suitable for oily hair:

  • Natural shampoo with clay powder:

Pink, white, green… To be declined depending on your hair type, the clay powder is also ideal for starting your new beauty habits effectively and gently. Perfect for oily hair, she will know clean up your scalp in regulating your sebum production. In addition, initially, the clay powder can also be used to get rid of all the chemical residues accumulated in recent years and is suitable for even the most delicate skin!

To make this recipe, you will need to mix in a bowl two tablespoons of clay powder and 10 drops ofrosewood essential oil with such a delicate smell. Wash your hair with this preparation, rinse with lukewarm water, as you would with your usual shampoo and enjoy the result!

  • Natural baking soda shampoo:

Multifunctional ingredient, used everywhere and for everything, almost magic, the baking soda has an excellent washing power, without containing even a tiny trace of chemical. Particularly suitable for its cleansing properties (like green clay powder) at the start of the transition to natural beauty routine, it will work miracles on your hair.
Allied to cider vinegar, the combo will be most perfect because the latter, in addition to playing the role of detangler, will also stimulate hair growth. If its smell puts you off – even knowing that it will fade on drying – remember that you can always add a few drops of essential oil of ylang-ylang, lavender or peppermint for example.

To make this recipe: mix two tablespoons of baking soda with three tablespoons of water. Then apply the preparation to your damp hair, leave it on for a few minutes, then rinse your hair as usual. Now dilute a tablespoon of cider vinegar in four tablespoons of water and rinse with your head tilted back. Leave on for two to three minutes and then rinse your hair one last time with water to observe the effects on your hair!

However, beware, this solution, although effective, can be irritating to your scalp in the long run, especially if your skin is sensitive in nature. So be careful not to abuse it too much!

The recipe suitable for dull hair:

The natural honey shampoo:

Your hair is dull and in lack of luster ? So this organic honey shampoo is the one for you. It will restore your hair – and therefore your face – all the pep it deserves. Known for its wonderful moisturizing properties, but also for the shine it brings to your hair, this treasure straight out of the hives has a real effect on the color of your hair and even has lightening properties. To further accentuate this effect, you can opt for a lemon honey (lemon being the natural lightening product par excellence).

To make this recipe, you will need to pour a tablespoon of honey in a saucepan before adding three tablespoons of water. Then heat everything until the honey is completely dissolved in the water. Now apply this preparation as a basic shampoo, leave on for ten minutes, rinse and voila! Thanks to this recipe, your hair will quickly regain shine and vitality.

The recipe suitable for hair with dandruff problem:

If you have dandruff and you have tried all the dandruff shampoos on the market – still unsuccessful – then you are very good to be interested in natural and homemade recipes because there is a good chance that you will find your happiness there.
Here is the famous formula of natural and gentle shampoo which will allow you toeliminate your dandruff and take care of your scalp :

In a bowl, mix four egg yolks, two spoons ofvegetable coconut oil, a tablespoon of honey and finally, a tablespoon of cider vinegar. If these ingredients were chosen and not others, it is obviously not by chance, but indeed for all the complementary virtues they have. While the apple cider vinegar will take care ofcleanse the scalp and D'remove dandruff and impurities, egg yolks, vegetable coconut oil and honey will come nourish your hair and your skull in depth, soothing any itchy sensations as unpleasant as they are.

Another alternative to chemicals:

Homemade dry shampoo:

Between two homemade organic shampoos, you want to give your hair a little freshness? It would be a shame to do it with a dry shampoo bought in supermarkets and far from being clean, you do not believe ? It would be a bit like taking two steps forward, then three back… However, this very practical gesture is now truly part of your beauty routine and you will have a hard time doing without it… Fortunately: you will not have to do it because there are also natural alternatives to dry shampoos.

The talc, for example, is perfect for absorbing the sebum responsible for the greasy appearance of your hair. Sprinkle it at the root, leave it on for a few minutes before massaging, then brush your hair until you have removed any suspicious residue. Little tip: you can add a few drops ofylang-ylang essential oil so that the smell is all the fresher. Well, it’s like you’ve sprayed your usual bomb, except that it’s 100% natural and a lot less expensive !

Now you know what ingredients in your cupboards can be used to not only wash, but also take care of your hair, thus replacing your classic shampoos and skincare. Now, all you have to do is compose your recipes as you see fit, always according to what your hair seems to need. Adapt, enhance, modify, the more you understand the needs of your hair, the more your homemade shampoos will be perfected. You will surely not come across the perfect recipe from the first attempt, but strength of patience and new discoveries, you will end up finding your happiness, be sure!

Hair more healthy, more beautiful, washes less frequent on the long term, less pollution, time and money savings, less accumulation no need for cosmetic products… So many reasons that should end up convincing you to adopt the homemade organic shampoo ! So now that you know all there is to know about this, what are you waiting for?

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