Adopting Bitcoin: As a media partner in Bitcoin paradise

BTC-ECHO is the official media partner of the Adopting Bitcoin Conference in El Salvador. Everything you need to know about the first BTC conference in the “Bitcoin Mecca” and how you can take part.

El Salvador: coffee plantations, rainforests, volcanoes – and now also Satoshis. In the past, the country flew below the radar in the local latitudes, El Salvador has been on everyone’s lips since September of this year at the latest. Bitcoin has been legal tender in the Central American country since September 7th. In other words: there is an obligation to accept.

Since then, the country has been going haywire – and on the one hand it has become a place of pilgrimage for the Bitcoin community. On the other hand, enthusiasm from Bitcoin circles meets a divided population and BTC ATMs are set on fire during protests against the law. For BTC-ECHO it is clear: we have to go there.

And what occasion could be better than the Adopting Bitcoin Conference in San Salvador. From the November 16-18 this year For the first time, a Bitcoin-centered conference will take place in the smallest country in Central America. There will be a select selection of speakers, such as the chairman of the Human Rights Foundation Foundation Alex Gladstein, podcaster Anita Posch and the Lightning expert Rene Pickhardt. The latter only recently made a name for itself because he was able to solve a complex optimization problem in Lightning routing with the so-called Pickhardt Payments.

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The focus of the conference is – how could it be otherwise – the Bitcoin adoption in El Salvador. What problems arise for the practical use of BTC and Lightning in everyday life for Salvadorans? Where do developers and politicians have to start in order to actually make Satoshi payments suitable for everyday use?

In addition to the Sheraton Hotel in the capital San Salvador, the conference will take place at a location that is symbolic for the local community: We are talking about “Bitcoin Beach”. El Zonte, which operates under this name, is located on the country’s Atlantic coast and is known for two things: its surfing beaches and Bitcoin.

El Zonte plays a key role in BTC adoption in El Salvador. Because a large part of the local economy has been based on BTC for some time. Jack Mallers, one of the leading architects of the Bitcoin Act, spent a lot of time there at the beginning of the year – and educated people about Bitcoin.

It is important to acknowledge that there is a small team in a small village known as “Bitcoin Beach” that has started this whole development. El Zonte’s municipal decision-makers pioneered the implementation of Bitcoin payments through Lightning,

says Nicolas Burtey, who, as the founder of Galoy, is in charge of organizing the conference.

As the official media partner, BTC-ECHO is accompanying the first edition of the Adopting Bitcoin Conference in El Salvador – and will be looking around the country for nine days. Whoever wants to be there will find all information here. Tickets are still available.

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