Adriana Karembeu: The terrible secret she didn’t want to reveal to her ex-husband Christian out of “fear”

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May 2, 2024 will be a new important date for Adriana Karembeu. Tomorrow his new book comes out Free (published by Leduc). An autobiographical work in which she tells her story unvarnished. She talks about her violent father, her daughter Nina (5 years old, fruit of her former union with Aram Ohanian) or even her former relationship with the footballer Christian Karembeu. Asked by Evening Mag (May 1 edition), she returned to the failure of her first marriage.

The former model talks about Christian Karembeu

For fifteen years, Adriana Karembeu lived a love story with the former Blues player. Both were married in Corsica on December 22, 1998. But their marriage ended in 2011. Despite everything, the divine 52-year-old blonde does not see this divorce as a failure. “Yes, sometimes it wears out love. This does not mean that we have failed in our relationship. We lived together for fifteen years, it was a wonderful love story. I would have loved it to last a lifetime. But maybe we’re not meant to stay with the same person for a lifetime. We grow, we evolve. It hasn’t been a failure, fifteen years, it can’t be a failure. A failure is my parents’ relationship. They stayed together, but they massacred each other for thirty years“, she confided.

But all these years, Adriana Karembeu hid a terrible secret from him. In her book, she reveals that a director tried to kiss her against her will. A story that she told no one, not even her husband at the time. “I was a little over 30 years old. I’ve been through so much worse that this kind of incident doesn’t shake me. I just found it disgusting because I was full of saliva when he tried to kiss me. I didn’t want to tell my husband Christian about it for fear that he would upset him.“, she admitted.

Adriana Karembeu as a couple again

Adriana Karembeu kept her first husband’s last name. Even when she met businessman Aram Ohanian. They got married on June 14, 2014 in Monaco and together, they realized one of the former model’s dreams: becoming a mother. Despite a very complicated journey, she became pregnant (thanks to IVF). His daughter Nina was born on August 17, 2018 and the three of them experienced immense happiness. But in December 2022, their separation was announced.

Despite everything, Adriana Karembeu still believed in true love. “Always ready ! I can’t live without love. It’s so much better to share your life with someone. To come home, to be able to talk about your day!“, she declared. And good news, love has crossed her path again. With TV Starshe revealed that a mysterious sweetheart “green Eyed” has “revolutionized his life“.

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