Adrien Taquet wants to "criminalize sexual relations between an adult and a child under 15"


Guest on Europe 1, Adrien Taquet declared that the government will look into legal means to "criminalize sexual relations between an adult and a child under 15".

Following the Duhamel affair, following the publication of Camille Kouchner's book, and the viral movement #MeTooIncest, the government is considering new legal means to fight against incest and pedophilia / pedocriminality. On the Europe 1 stage, Tuesday January 19, 2021, Adrien Taquet, Secretary of State for Children, announced that the government was seeking to transform this collective voice of victims into "legal means to criminalize sexual relations between an adult and a child under 15". During his interview, the politician added what""There is an asymmetry between a child, in terms of affective, emotional development, and an adult. So these are things that we are working on right now. And on which we will make decisions. "

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The avenues considered to fight against these sexual crimes

Consent is at the heart of the discussions. Thus, as many associations claim, a principle of non-consent could be decreed automatically in the event of incest or when minors under the age of 15 are concerned."With regard to incest, we are in the context of a family unit where indeed the phenomena of influence, of conflicts of loyalty are much more important than in other settings", Adrien Taquet explained on the radio. The Secretary of State also insisted on how to detect this violence: "We must provide teachers with more tools for identifying sexual violence. And educate children." In 2018, Marlène Schiappa carried a long-debated bill against gender-based and sexual violence. And at the time, the presumption of non-consent had been swept away by the executive "on grounds of potential unconstitutionality".

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