Advanced search picture: Can you find all four women in this picture?

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Can you find all four women hidden in this picture?

There are four women in total here – can you spot them all?


Look very closely: There are four women hidden in this drawing – but if you want to find them all, you really have to look very closely.

Search images can help sharpen our eye for the unusual. This drawing by the Ukrainian artist Oleg Shupliak, whose works of art are known for their optical illusions, also poses a very special challenge.

© Oleg Shupliak

This picture was published in 2013 and shows a total of four women. Four? Yes, indeed, but not all of them can be seen immediately. One or the other woman can perhaps be found quickly, but it will be difficult with the remaining ones – and there is not even a colorful background that could distract you. Before you despair: You can see the resolution of the search image in our video.

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