Aegis will replace Misfits Premier in LFL

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It’s official, the slot vacated by Misfits Premier in LFL has been taken over by Aegis. The structure of Shaunz, DFG and Mister MV will therefore be present in the French league in 2023.

The rumor came out a few days ago, it’s now official: Aegis will be fine in LFL next year. Left vacant following the takeover of Misfits by Heretics in the LEC, Misfits Premier LFL slot was looking for a buyer. Following a call for applications from Riot Games for this position in the French league of League of Legends, it is finally the structure of Shaunz, DFG and Mister MV who wins the bet.

Created in 2022, this brand new structure is taking a leap forward in its development by joining the number one esports game in Europe and especially the most advanced regional league on League of Legends. Furthermore, Aegis arrives with great ambitions since Shaunz and DFG announced it himself, they want to win the LFL in their first yearlike the Karmine Corp. was able to do so in 2021.

For this, the structure will have to build a roster to match its ambitions, but it seems to be off to a good start. Indeed, rumors evoke a possible arrival of Jeremy “Eika” Valdenaire next year. The recruitment of the MVP of the Summer Split 2022 of LFL therefore testifies to the high objectives that the French structure has set itself. We can’t wait to see Aegis’ first steps in LFL in 2023.

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