Aelis Farma: participates in World Down Syndrome Day

Photo credit © / Kronos Agenda

( — Aelis Farma participates in two scientific symposia on the occasion of World Down Syndrome Day.

Pier Vincenzo Piazza, Managing Director of Aelis Farma, spoke on March 18 at the Colloquium for the 18th World Down Syndrome Day, organized by the AFRT (French Association for Research on Trisomy 21), on the theme of “Current pharmacological tracks”, and presented on this occasion the advances of AEF0217 which targets the cognitive disorders associated with trisomy 21.

The second ICOD (Improving Cognition in Down Syndrome) symposium, held at the Princesa University Hospital (Madrid), is specifically dedicated to increasing knowledge about innovative therapeutic approaches to cognitive deficits in people with Down Syndrome and to promote their participation in clinical studies targeting these disorders. The symposium will also allow exchanges between families, associations of people with Down syndrome, and clinicians in order to promote research in this field.

“Our participation in these two events demonstrates our strong commitment to families and individuals with Down’s syndrome to develop a treatment for the cognitive deficits associated with this genetic condition,” said Pier Vincenzo Piazza, CEO of Aelis Farma, who adds: “On this occasion, we were delighted to share the progress of our drug candidate AEF0217, currently in a phase 1/2 clinical study which should be completed by the end of 2023. This study mainly aims to confirm the good safety and absorption of AEF0217, already demonstrated in healthy volunteers, in people with trisomy 21 and could also provide the first indications on the activity of AEF0217 as a treatment for cognitive deficits. a tremendous step forward in the development of a promising treatment that could significantly improve the quality of life of people with trisomy 21, and perhaps pave the way for treating other neurodevelopmental cognitive deficits.”


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