Afghanistan conference in Moscow: Russia praises Taliban’s efforts

Afghanistan conference in Moscow
Russia praises the Taliban’s efforts

After the withdrawal of international troops from Afghanistan, Russia wants to expand its influence in the region. Foreign Minister Lavrov praised the cooperation with the Taliban at a conference in Moscow. However, he attaches further conditions to recognition of the new rulers in Kabul.

According to the Kremlin, the Taliban ruling in Afghanistan are trying to stabilize the country. At an international conference organized by Russia with the participation of the Taliban in Moscow, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said: “We recognize the efforts that are being made to stabilize the politico-military situation.” Russia is satisfied with the cooperation of the Afghan authorities in protecting Russians. The recognition of the new government in Kabul depends on the implementation of promises, such as the participation of political groups and different ethnic groups in the government.

At the same time, Lavrov called for international aid to Afghanistan. “We believe it is time to mobilize the resources of the international community to provide Kabul with effective humanitarian aid.” However, he left open how great Afghanistan’s need for aid is and what contribution Russia wants to make.

Representatives of China, Iran, India and several Asian states that belonged to the former Soviet Union took part in the meeting in Moscow. The US did not travel to the meeting for technical reasons, but agreed to attend future meetings.

The conference is part of the initiatives to expand Russian influence in the region after the US withdrew from Afghanistan. The government in Moscow fears a destabilization of Central Asia, for example through new refugee movements or attacks by Islamists from Afghanistan. Call on the Taliban movement to prevent Afghanistan from being used as a base for attacks on other countries, Lavrov said. The Taliban delegation initially made no statement.

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