After 25 years: Banks and savings banks are discontinuing long-standing functions

Two long-standing functions of the banks and savings banks will be permanently discontinued. We will tell you here what you will have to do without in the future.

Banks and savings banks will no longer rely on the GeldKarte and girogo. This is reported by the “Initiative German Payment Systems eV” in a detailed blog post. The money card was introduced in 1996, while girogo was introduced in 2012. Both have survived so far, although interest in them has fallen sharply for years. All cards are to be replaced by 2024.

Both systems are prepaid options. The GeldKarte is intended for payments at machines, in shops and other places where small amounts have to be paid; girogo was the pioneer of contactless payment. The additional chip on the card also enabled automatic topping up at bank terminals or when paying.

GeldKarte and girogo at the end: the successor has been here for a long time

You can book the money from the prepaid functions back into your account.
You can book the money from the prepaid functions back into your account.

Photo: Fernando Gutierrez-Juarez/dpa-Zentralbild/dpa

Both systems have the problem that the card has to be loaded beforehand. Although this also happens with girogo directly when paying, it can happen that unused money remains on the prepaid card or that the payment process is lengthened as a result. According to the banks, customers hardly use the systems anymore. Instead, the Girocard has become the payment method of choice.

However, customers who have previously relied on GeldKarte or girogo need not panic. The functions can continue to be used for the time being. If you want to transfer the prepaid credit back to your account, you can do this at your bank’s ATM. If you receive a new card in the future, it will be issued to you without the two systems.

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