After 4 on Prime Video: crying fans, they already want the sequel!

Finally available on Prime Video, After 4 (or After Ever Happy) won over fans if we are to believe the first reactions. And they’re already looking forward to what’s next after a shocking ending.

Awaited by fans, After Ever Happy is finally available on Prime Video. The tumultuous and toxic love story between the two lovebirds played by Josephine Langford and Hero Fiennes Tiffin comes to a turning point in this fourth film in the After saga.

Despite their best efforts, Tessa and Hardin struggle to salvage their relationship. The solution ? Spending time apart to learn how to be happy on their own before being happy together. Each evolves and takes different directions. To find each other better?

Fans in tears after the end

We will not know right away because the end of After: Chapter 4 leaves the fans on their hunger. They did not fail to share their shock and sadness on the networks. The fans are in tears and they want the true end of the story between Tessa and Hardin.

Let them rest assured: a fifth and final film, After Everything, has already been shot in secret. There is no doubt that this ultimate feature film will be available next year. Fans of the saga will have to be patient.

Translation: “I just finished watching #AfterEverHappy there were a lot of ups and downs but it’s really good.”

Translation: “OMG the end”

Translation: “I just finished #AfterEverHappy… I cried.. a lot… Very proud of Hero and his performance in this movie. Jo was amazing too.”

After Ever Happy is available on Amazon Prime Video.

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