after 49.3, two motions of censure should be put to the vote on Monday, Actualité/Actu Quotidien

We cannot bet on the future of our pensions, this reform is necessary “, Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne had to scold Thursday afternoon to announce the use of article 49.3 in order to pass the government’s pension reform project without the vote of the National Assembly. All this in front of excited opposition deputies, causing a huge general hubbub against a backdrop of songs from the Marseillaise.

They are the same people who have constantly questioned our parliamentary procedure, its institutions and therefore our democracy. “, denounced Elisabeth Borne, tackling in passing the silence and the dumbness of the far-right deputies.

The Senate had previously adopted Thursday morning the text of the Joint Joint Committee debated behind closed doors the day before, a version of the reform adjusted to the margins, retaining for example the senior CDI in an ultimately experimental form, and a modification of the “career long” to say the least opaque, as Public Senate deciphers: “No, the compromise in CMP does not make it possible to limit the duration of contributions to 43 years for all”.

New passage in force

The use of 49.3, already used many times at the end of last year to pass the 2023 finance bill and perceived by public opinion as a new forced passage, promises to further fracture the political balance and radicalize the opposition game.

This bill will now be considered adopted, unless a motion of censure is voted by a majority of deputies. Marine Le Pen has already announced the filing of a motion of censure which aims to overthrow the government.

The LR group does not intend to join a motion of censure

The 79-3 Appeal is a failure “, declared this afternoon on BFM TV the President of the Republicans, Eric Ciotti, speaking “ of a failure of several years of politics and of a method which did not succeed in finding a majority “. Eric Ciotti, however, declared that the deputies of the LR group will not join in any motion of censure, rejecting any ” coalition with the extremes to add chaos “.

This does not mean, however, that certain LR deputies would not join in a motion of censure, as suggested by the rebellious LR deputy Aurélien Pradié, firmly opposed to the pension reform. We are of course thinking of the transpartisan censure motion tabled this Friday afternoon by the group Libertés, Indépendants, Outre-mer et Territoires (LIOT), led in particular by the Vice-President of the Finance Committee, Charles de Courson. This motion of censure was finally co-signed by elected members of the Nupes group.

The two motions of censure (RN and LIOT) should be submitted to the vote of the deputies on Monday in the National Assembly after the statutory deadline of 48 hours. For a motion of censure to be adopted, an absolute majority of 287 votes would be needed, which would lead to the rejection of the text and the overthrow of the government in place. All of the RN, Nupes and LIOT staff do not, however, have enough votes to reach this majority without around thirty LR votes, also depending on the possible support of some 5 non-registered deputies…

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