After 8 months of silence, ARC Raiders announces its postponement to 2023

ARC Raiders is an ambitious game and we will use this extra time to expand the experience and allow it to reach its full potential. We’ll go into more detail as we start testing the game more thoroughly with players.“, can we read in the short press release published on Twitterthe first since the trailer was presented at The Game Awards in December.

The beginnings of Embark Studios will therefore wait until next year, recalling that this Swedish studio was founded by the former boss of DICE and executive of Electronic Arts, Patrick Söderlund, today at the head of a team in responsible for producing AAA worlds for Nexon, a Korean giant which acquired the studio in August 2019. In preparation on PS5, Xbox Series and PC, this sci-fi TPS in which resistance fighters face a robotic threat coming from space from space will be free-to-play.

RCAF Raiders is one of the first games with which Nexon hopes to develop its business in the West, whose success is mainly based on Korea and China with licenses such as Dungeon&Fighter, MapleStory and KartRider. During the first quarter of 2022, 89% of Nexon’s revenues come from Asia. With DNF Duel, KartRider Drift and The First Descendant, RCAF Raiders is one of the first cross-platform games that will allow Nexon to make a name for itself on consoles.

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