After a complicated delivery, her husband finds it “unfair” that she does not want more babies

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She risked her life during her first childbirth but her husband does not understand that she does not want to have other children. He finds her “selfish and unfair” and does not hesitate to tell her…

Childbirth is often a time dreaded by future parents and especially by mothers. The pain, the fear of complications, the health of the baby… many things come into play, and the stress is completely legitimate. For some women, the first delivery goes perfectly well, they have no problem and the meeting with their baby takes place in a moment of intense joy. For others it’s not the same song… Childbirth can very quickly turn into a traumatic moment.

This is exactly what happened to a mom who testified on the Reddit forum. Her first pregnancy went well, but due to health concerns, the baby was born prematurely and the mother’s life was endangered during delivery. Two years after this traumatic moment, she made a decision: she does not want to have other children. This is also what his doctor advised him, but his spouse is not at all of this opinion… For him his wife is “selfish and unfair”, and he does not mince his words!

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Hurtful words from husband

The man absolutely didn’t hesitate to say a lot of mean things to her when she told him that she didn’t want any more children. And what most angered her was the fact that she wanted to have her fallopian tubes tied. The young woman says: He does not understand why I am so afraid to try again, he told me that I was neither the first nor the only woman to have had a complicated delivery. He added that we were both in good health so there was nothing to worry about. The mother was very hurt by his words, she felt abandoned: I told him that in his words I felt like he didn’t care to put my life in danger as long as he has a child.”

Apparently the man acts as if the birth hadn’t gone so badly when she disagrees with him at all: “I literally almost died.” Even the doctor’s opinion did not find favor in the eyes of Monsieur: “My doctor told me that I should really think before deciding to have another child because of my health problems. When I told this to my husband he said it was excessive. In the comments, Netizens were unanimous that his behavior is unacceptable and he should consider his wife’s feelings instead of blaming her.

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