After cancer surgery: Immunotherapy is pending for Daniel Aminati’s wife

After cancer surgery
Immunotherapy is pending for Daniel Aminati’s wife

For Patrice Aminati, the medical marathon is not over.

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Patrice Aminati received detailed test results after her cancer surgery. “I got lucky,” she explains.

Patrice Aminati (29) was diagnosed with “malignant (black) skin cancer” during a routine check-up, “which has already formed metastases,” as she said in early April communicated via Instagram. The wife of TV presenter Daniel Aminati (49) was then operated on and now has in conversation with the “Bild” newspaper given an update on her health.

Immunotherapy follows

The first step has been taken, explains Aminati. She was in the hospital and learned the results of the detailed examinations. “Everything was caught during the operation – the tumor and also the affected lymph nodes. I was lucky,” says the 29-year-old. However, it is not over yet, without the “immediately necessary subsequent immunotherapy” it would not work.

“My life will change,” continues Patrice Aminati. There is an invisible enemy in her, “which I can’t see, I can’t feel, but it’s still there. I’m supposed to fight – but my opponent isn’t visible.” You would now have numerous preparatory examinations for the immunotherapy, which will take twelve months, “so my doctor’s marathon is not over yet”. The therapy could have numerous side effects, but the worst thing was that the couple had to postpone their “desire to have children for at least twelve months and 16 weeks”.

“We want a second child,” revealed Patrice Aminati the newspaper in early April. “Our daughter Charly Malika gives us so much joy that I would go through a difficult pregnancy like the one I had with Charly at any time. This desire to have children gives me the strength to endure everything now.”

In April 2022, the couple said yes after a relationship of several years. They became parents the following August.


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