After Derby bankruptcy – Klose tough: “Were discouraged and unsettled”

Altach surprisingly lost the derby against Austria Lustenau 3-0 on Saturday. It was a serious setback for coach Miroslav Klose – here are the comments on the game:

Miroslav Klose (Altach coach): “The opponent showed us how we wanted to play the game today. With this greed and biliousness, they were awake in every action and always kept their heads up, and we didn’t bring that to the pitch at all. We were discouraged and unsure when we had the ball, nobody wanted to take responsibility. Now we’ve come back down to earth and have far too long to work it out.” Markus Mader (Lustenau coach): “I’m happy that my team showed today that we can still win. The start-up behavior of the strikers was very good, so Altach was unable to build up the game in an orderly manner. In addition, we had a compact midfield, a sovereign defense and a goalkeeper who saved everything. A perfect team performance, I’m proud of the squad. Now we’re going into the winter break with a great feeling.” Pius Grabher (Lustenau captain): “We haven’t had an easy phase in the last few weeks, but we’ve decided that we want to give it our all today. And now being the can opener in a derby for my club, I’m not exactly known for goals, but it’s all the better when it works out in a game like that. In general, I can only give my team one huge compliment.”
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