After easing in April: Lauterbach: Mask requirement option required for autumn

After loosening in April
Lauterbach: Mandatory mask option necessary for autumn

In autumn, when the corona numbers are likely to rise again, there should be the possibility of a mask requirement indoors. According to Health Minister Lauterbach, the Infection Protection Act is currently being processed. A concept for the cold months is to follow.

Federal Minister of Health Karl Lauterbach wants to create the possibility of making masks compulsory indoors again in the event of a new corona wave in autumn. The Infection Protection Act is currently being worked on again, said the SPD politician on the ZDF program “Markus Lanz”. “That expires on September 23. And then the question will have to be discussed again, for example whether wearing a mask indoors will become mandatory again.” That could come again, “I also think it is absolutely necessary that we open up this possibility for the autumn”.

Lauterbach emphasized: “The Infection Protection Act does not describe what is done or what should be done, but describes what precautionary measures and restrictions we can use if it were necessary.” He is also working on this topic with FDP Federal Minister of Justice Marco Buschmann. Lauterbach had already announced that he would soon be presenting a concept for combating Corona in the fall. The health ministers of the federal states had also asked the federal government to adapt the Infection Protection Act with a view to autumn.

The recently amended law runs until September 23. General mask requirements for events or when shopping as well as 2G and 3G regulations have therefore been eliminated since the beginning of April. For the time being, “basic protection” applies – for example with mask requirements in buses, trains, clinics, practices and nursing homes. Irrespective of state requirements, however, there are also further protection rules with mask requirements in many places, for example in cultural institutions.

Lauterbach defended government plans to procure additional corona vaccine. There are vaccines for three different corona lines for the fall – the Wuhan variant, a pure omicron vaccine and a combination vaccine. “Now I’m not revealing any secrets by saying: We’ll have to throw away some of these vaccines afterwards.” He emphasized: “I don’t know what’s coming.” When a dangerous wave comes, everyone wants the best vaccine. “So I prefer to be criticized for throwing away later.”

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