After “fire out” – former farm went up in flames again

On Monday evening, a total of 13 fire departments were involved in a fire in a former farmhouse in Timelkam. After several hours of extinguishing operations and meticulous control, the “fire was out” shortly after 2 a.m. Unexpectedly, the fire broke out again in the morning and four fire departments are currently on site.

A fire broke out in an old farmhouse near Timelkam on Monday shortly before eight o’clock in the evening and three rooms were on fire. The 47-year-old owner of the house was able to escape outside at the last second and was taken to hospital with suspected smoke poisoning. “The fire was extinguished relatively quickly, after which we carefully checked for remaining embers for several hours, and finally the ‘fire out’ was declared,” said a spokesman for the Timelkam volunteer fire department. Fire broke out again. Inexplicably, the fire broke out again on Tuesday morning. Four fire departments were on duty again in the morning. The low temperatures and freezing rain made extinguishing work even more difficult. Since there is no longer any agricultural activity on the property, no animals were in danger.
source site-12