After four days – firefighters rescued cats cast in concrete

An animal emergency in St. Gilgen! A cat had to stay under a concrete-covered terrace for four days before it was rescued by fire fighters on All Saints’ Day. Far from the only mission: In Saalfelden, too, the Florianijünger helped a velvet paw that got stuck in a pipe.

Dramatic scenes took place in St. Gilgen on Saturday evening: at around 10.30 p.m., the St. Gilgen volunteer fire department received an emergency call. A cat that had disappeared four days ago was suspected to be in a recently walled-up cavity under a terrace – the owners of the animal heard the desperate meow of the velvet paw. “The animal couldn’t get out. The terrace was remodeled, the cat got stuck in a cavity, ”reports Siegmund Lesiak, deputy local fire brigade commander of St. Gilgen. He and 13 other firefighters saved the animal. “We opened the terrace with a hammer,” says Lesiak. The cat is back with the owners and doing well.

Another kitten was rescued by the fire brigade in Saalfelden at the weekend. The helpers took the animal out of a rain gutter. With the help of a camera, the cat was spotted, recovered and given to its happy owner.
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