After iOS update, without additional hardware: iPhones can read credit cards via NFC


You hold a credit card to the iPhone and can receive payments directly – this will be possible without additional hardware with one of the next iOS updates, reports Bloomberg.

This is how the Mobeewave service, bought by Apple, advertised its payment system. (Source: Screenshot

  • Newer iPhones have an NFC chip installed.
  • An upcoming iOS update should prepare this for payments from credit cards.
  • So far, Apple cell phones have depended on additional hardware.

A friend wants to transfer money to you? It will soon be enough to hold an appropriate credit card close to the iPhone. As Bloomberg reports, Apple is working on this feature, which is to be rolled out with one of the next iOS updates.

According to Bloomberg, such a function has been in the planning for some time, at the latest since Apple bought the startup Mobeewave, which specializes in payments via NFC chip, in 2020. Mobeewave promised just that back then: payments to smartphone owners by holding a compatible credit card.

It is unclear whether the function will be linked to Apple’s payment service Apple Pay. The feature is set to be released in the coming months, presumably with iOS 15.4. Small and medium-sized companies should also be happy about this innovation.

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