After its conflict with M6, the Molotov platform condemned by justice against TF1

Héloïse Goy with Alexis Patri

The Molotov streaming platform, which notably gives access to French TV channels, was ordered to pay 8.5 million euros to the TF1 group, according to information from our colleagues in the magazine “Capital”. Molotov was sentenced last December in a similar conflict between her and M6.

The court decision was awaited. The Molotov streaming platform will have to pay the sum of 8.5 million euros to the TF1 group, as revealed by our colleagues from the magazine Capital
. The start-up continued to give its users access to the TF1, LCI or TFX channels, despite the absence of an agreement with them. Molotov therefore has 15 days to stop broadcasting these channels, otherwise it will have to pay an additional 75,000 euros per day of delay.

As a reminder, Molotov is a French platform created in 2016 and which offers free and paid streaming offers, which includes French television channels. The company claims to have 17 million registered users.

A similar case with the M6 ​​group

Molotov has already had to face justice for similar reasons: last December the company was ordered to pay 7 million euros to the M6 ​​group. The two parties then reached an agreement to broadcast. Molotov must now distribute the channels of the M6 ​​group exclusively within the framework of its pay offers.

Despite this new condemnation, Molotov hopes to find a new agreement, this time with the group of the first channel. For its part, the management of the TF1 group indicated that “discussions are still underway” concerning the financial conditions of this broadcast outside its channels.

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