After jumping into the ocean, he breaks into a house for a completely delusional motive

In Florida, a couple surprised the inhabitants of a house after trying to break into their home to protect themselves from a very particular threat…

Very bad trip. Residents of a house on the east coast of Florida, more precisely in Daytona Beach, had a big scare on May 23. They indeed found on their porch a man lying on the ground, visibly injured and screaming in pain, as well as his companion, standing next to him. The couple had attempted to break into their home, and when the police arrived on the scene, the explanation they gave was beyond anything they could have imagined. According to Law&Crime, Andrew George has indeed explained to the police that he was being chased by … a ghost. It all started when the couple had rented a room in a motel not far from there. After about 30 minutes in their room, Andrew George and Natasha Kachuroi said they heard a window open and thought someone was trying to break into their room.

They hastened to flee asking for a refund at the reception. Shortly after and still according to Law&Crime, which quotes the police report, the couple would have seen “a shadow”. Convinced that someone was after them, Andrew George and Natasha Kachuroi ran to try to hide from that famous shadow and took refuge in a convenience store to ask for help. They then headed for the harbor where George continued to run because “a ghost was chasing him“. This is what prompted him to jump into the water before being rescued by his companion. Always certain that a ghost was on his heels, Andrew George then knocked on several doors of houses and broke the window of one of them with a chair.

The couple were arrested

That’s when the owners of the vandalized house called the police whom the suspect told he “could not enter the house because God was telling him that the woman he was with was not a good person”. Later, Andrew George admitted to taking ecstasy, and that “that’s why he thinks God didn’t stop him from making bad decisions.”. The couple were arrested and imprisoned, their bonds amounting to 20,000 dollars for Andrew George and 5,000 dollars for Natasha Kachuroi.

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