After Kate’s cancer diagnosis: Prince William attends his first official appointment

After Kate’s cancer diagnosis
Prince William attends his first official appointment

Packed while visiting a non-profit organization near London Prince William himself took part on Thursday.

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The heir to the English throne, Prince William (41), has made his first official appointment since his wife, Princess Kate (42), was diagnosed with cancer. On April 18, William visited the non-profit organization “Surplus to Supper” in the English county of Surrey, which aims to save surplus food and distribute it sensibly. On this occasion, William also received a touching card for his wife, who was suffering from cancer.

Prince William: “Thank you very much, that’s very kind of you”

While visiting “Surplus to Supper” in the town of Sunbury-on-Thames, southwest of London, on Thursday William also grabbed a “big knife” himself to cut celery in the kitchen, as reported by the Daily Mail, among others. The 41-year-old jokingly worried that he might cut off his fingers. “It’s the biggest knife, I hope for the best. I don’t want to ruin everyone’s lunch,” said William.

William was also impressed by the amount and variety of food saved by Surplus to Supper. He brought with him to the appointment a private box of unused food that had been found in the kitchen cupboards of his Adelaide cottage at home. This included pasta, potatoes and canned soup.

71-year-old Rachel Candappa, who volunteers at the nonprofit organization, gave Prince William two get-well cards during his visit – one for his wife, who has cancer, and one for his father, King Charles III, who also has cancer. (75).

Visibly moved, William accepted the cards and said in thanks: “Oh, a few cards, oh, you’re very nice. Thank you very much, that’s very kind of you.”

Prince William returns to royal duties

Prince William’s wife made her cancer public about a month ago, on March 22nd. Princess Kate announced at the time that she was already undergoing treatment. Immediately after this announcement, the family retreated to Adelaide Cottage and spent the British Easter holidays there, secluded from the press and public.


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