After Life Season 3: Netflix shows new trailer for the final season


“After Life” is coming back to Netflix in mid-January 2022 with Season 3. For the final episodes of the Netflix series, Kath Hughes (“Content”) was brought in for the cast.

Tony and Brandy break in "After life" Season 3 on a trip

Tony and Brandy set off on a journey in “After Life” Season 3 (Source: © Netflix / Natalie Seery)

  • Season 3 of “After Life” is also the series finale of the British dramedy.
  • In the last few episodes, Tony will go on a journey alongside his loyal dog Brandy.
  • Netflix will show the last episodes from mid-January 2022.

With season 3 of the British dramedy “After Life”, Tony and his four-legged friend Brandy return to the streaming service Netflix for the last time. The story of Tony ends with 6 new episodes, who first had to mourn his beloved wife Lisa and then his father Ray. From mid-January 2022 you will experience the rousing finale of the black comedy.

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Is there a start date for “After Life” season 3?

The new trailer dates season 3 of the dramedy on January 14, 2022. In the next 6 episodes of the final season you will have to say goodbye to Tony, Brandy and Co. with a heavy heart.

Is there a trailer for “After Life” season 3?

In the trailer you can see Tony with his loyal dog Brandy by his side. After the end of season 2, the two embark on a moving journey. You can also see other excerpts from Lisa’s video diaries.

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“After Life” Season 3: Plot

After the events of season 2, Tony has to regroup. After he had already lost his wife Lisa, he received the news that his father had also died. Together with his faithful four-legged friend Brandy, Tony sets out for the Scattering ashes of his father Ray.

In keeping with Tony’s father’s last wish, these places appear to be very special destinations. Because between Tony and family and friends there is not only one heated argument and mockery.


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“After Life” Season 3: Cast

The cast of the last season will remain with you. In addition to Ricky Gervais (“Derek”) as Tony Johnson, you can see Kerry Godliman (“Save Me”, “Derek”) as Lisa Johnson, Tom Basden as Tony’s brother-in-law Matt Braden or Mandeep Dhillon (“CSI: Vegas”) as Sandy.

For the last season they got reinforcements from Kath Hughes (“The Join of Missing Out”, “Content”). The actress will take on the role of Coleen, an intern at the Gazette. In other roles you can see:

  • Penelope Wilton (“Downton Abbey”) as Anne
  • Ashley Jensen (“Extras”) as Emma
  • Tony Way (“Edge of Tomorrow”) as Lenny
  • David Earl (“Cemetery Junction”) as Brian Gittins
  • Joe Wilkinson (“Him and Her”) as Pat
  • Jo Hartley (“In My Skin”) as June
  • Diane Morgan (“David Brent: Life On The Road”) as Kath
  • David Bradley (“Harry Potter” Films) as Ray Johnson
  • Ethan Lawrence (“Bad Education”) as James
  • Michelle Greenidge (“It’s A Sin”) as Valerie

“After Life” Season 3: Production

The threads of production almost all come together at Ricky Gervais. Not only does he star in the British black comedy, the all-rounder is also the creator, screenwriter, director and executive producer of “After Life”. Duncan Hayes (“Derek”) joins the production team as executive producer.

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