After market survey – Rosental is richer by a new metropolis

The Rosental has gained another metropolis. Köttmannsdorf was named a market town 881 years after it was first mentioned. The survey was celebrated in a big way over the weekend.

For state councilor Martin Gruber, Köttmannsdorf is now “the metropolis of the Rosental”. And in order to live up to this claim, the community has now become a market community. The state government had already decided on this last fall, and the official survey took place this weekend. Attractive choice of location for companies “Köttmannsdorf has developed tremendously”, Governor Peter Kaiser also congratulated the proud Mayor Josef Liendl: “This is a historic day for us!” His recipe for success: Köttmannsdorf has been redefined as a regional center for years. The positive population development with more than 3100 inhabitants and the attractive choice of location for more and more companies have accelerated this process. With a focus on redesigning the town centre, sustainable spatial development, adapting the work and business location, expanding future-oriented mobility and ensuring a sustainable quality of life, great goals have been set for the “market future”. Colorful program for market survey We are also proud of the social interaction with many unite. This was also reflected in the colorful festival program: from the elementary school children and the hunting horn blowers, the music school, from the “Wandelbaren” to the “Wanderbuam” to the Slovenian cultural association SPD Gorjanci – all of Köttmannsdorf took part!
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